$100 Sportsbook Free Play Up For Grabs : Contest Ends 7/19 Noon EST

Free $100 Sportsbook Free Play up for grabs. A vital out for wagering on sports all year long is holding a contest at The Gambling Forum.  It is called HRWager Black Jack and the premise is simple yet strategic.  It costs nothing to enter provided that you are a loyal HRWager member.  The contest particulars are listed at TGF.  We will also list them here so gear up your baseball ability as the sport in question for this contest is Major League Baseball.

Sportsbook Free Play : Baseball Blackjack

Entires into the contest must be submitted by noon EST on 7/18.  The qualifier for this contest is that you must be an active HRWager member.  In terms of this contest, you have had to made a deposit after 5/19 of 2015.  That is it.  Signup for the forum at TGF is free so it costs you nothing to enter.  Now down to how I win this contest.

  • Each team that scores a run results in a point
  • You can only pick a specific team once.
  • Pick as few or as many as you like
  • Get the closest to 21 wins the contest.
  • Over twenty one busts out.
  • In case of a tie, the amount of hits the Yankess have on 7/18 will be the tiebreaker.

HRWager Rewards is +EV

Just one of the many facets of the experience that puts HRWager over the top in value.  We hold frequent contests at sites like The Gambling Forum to say thank you to our valued members.  The $100 free play comes with an 8x rollover.  You do not need a balance in your account, just have had to made a deposit by that aforementioned date.  So baseball sharps fro HRWager, here is your chance to bolster your bankroll in a risk free matter.  Join us here at the HRWager Blog and at TGF for more future announcements regarding HRWager rewards.

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