MLB Wagering : Smoltz on the Mets

MLB Wagering : Smoltz on the Mets

One large contract and even those that deal in MLB wagering can be lead astray.  Max’s contract with the Nationals was widely believed to be the final piece in assembling the best starting staff in the majors.  Not so says a legend that would know so.  Someone slated to be inducted into the Hall of Fame sat down with a local New York paper to give his thoughts on the state of the game.  He makes a firm stand that their is a tea with just as much talent as the Braves had in their heyday.  Alas they do not reside in our nation’s capitol.

MLB Wagering

MLB Wagering : NL East Power House

With the vast resources that being in New York generates, let us hope that the Mets put to good use their ample bankroll to hold onto what they assembled.  Smoltz says that the young guns for New York’s other team is at least equal or could be better than him, Glavine, and Maddux.  That is quite a compliment to issue.  With Zack Wheeler due back from injury, the Mets have that same problem that caused them to contemplate a six man rotation.  Too many arms and not enough days.  It is tempting to put Colon out to pasture but the man gives you so many innings that a cheap insurance policy like him does not come around every day.  Let us look at the names and why we should embrace the Mets for the upcoming months.

Both are Snakebit on Offense

National and Mets fans have had to endure being ravaged on the offensive side of the plate.  They will need every inning to keep pace with each other as only two games separate the Mets from the NL East leading Nats.  Their names are not as house hold as Scherzer or Strasburg but they will be on the lips of everyone come playoff time.  DeGrom, Harvey, Syndergaard, and Matz are bolstered by the older arms of Colon and Niese.  Many potent ways to shut down the opposition and cash in on the team total unders for their opposition.

This is the key for our wagering concerns.  The totals will of course be on the low side but after the number comes out, the team totals are tied to it.  There will be great value in the under on the opposition as linesmakers will not deviate this.  Take it from this soon to be Hall of Famer, the Mets will be gold on the team totals for the teams they shut down this summer.  Good fortune and we will talk again here at HRWager.

Baseball Futures : Arms Race for AL CY Young

Baseball Futures : Arms Race for AL CY Young

Boundless baseball futures are available for one to bet on here at HRWager.  A race of intrigue that has three candidates with good prices on them is the AL Cy Young future.  While there is no lack of quality arms in the American League, situations that the hurlers find themselves in can greatly reduce or eliminate all practical chances.  Let us look at some the favorites and others that are eliminated from contention but the linesmakers dont even know it.

Baseball Futures : All About Setting

baseball futures

The longer that the Houston Astro’s stay in the race, the more that Dallas Keuchel’s plowhorse mentality will pay off for him.  Right now here is the favorite at +125 over Chris Sale +150 because of the relevance of his team in the playoff hunt.  If they collapse in August then Sale’s superior numbers come into play.  Chris Sale of the White Sox has an AL leading WHIP, FIP, strikouts, and K’s/9.  These are the glory numbers that most gravitate between candidates on non playoff teams.  With Houston’s tendency to slump with their offense, Sale has better chances than Keuchel at their current prices.

Perpetual Candidates

Lets eliminate David Price at +700 right away.  Detroit will have a devil of a time squeaking into the playoffs and he needs his team to dominate and not just be in the race.  Sonny Gray of Oakland +400 has the stigma that all those pitching trades crushed Oakland.  They will not be in it this year and their staff will not get the benefit of the doubt from the writers anytime soon. Now we come to King Felix.  Another very good year but it is worse by far individually and team then what saw him earn a second place nod last year.  Do not wager on him either.

Chris Archer is a nice story from Tampa but he needs them to win to have people overlook his only so so stats.  In the end, as long as Houston does not cliff dive in the AL West then it is Keuchels to lose right now.  His price is good for a short term investment on this award.  Good fortune in wagering on the AL Cy Young Award future and we will talk again tomorrow here at HRWager.