NBA Betting : Yeoman’s Work to Perfection Free Pick 11/28

NBA Betting : Yeoman’s Work to Perfection Free Pick 11/28


One aspect of NBA Betting that is underestimated is the effect of the back to back on any team.  Not just the ones that like to bang bodies but even the greyhounds that fly across the court.  Golden State is 17-0 and poured it on the Suns to stay that way.  Phoenix was a credible threat but tonight’s opponent not so much.  Sacramento has been making inroads towards respectfulness since DeMarco went nuclear on Coach Karl.  However even with GS on the back to back, the visiting Kings are getting +15 tonight!  Read along with HRWager on why this is too much in this specific NBA betting circumstance.

NBA Betting : Player Movements


No reason to bring DeMarco back for this one.  He missed the Wolves game for a second straight time because of a bad back.  With no realistic shot at this game, Karl will play small with Rudy Gay going to the four spot.  Does this pose matchup problems for Golden State?  Of course not.  In fact, their main goal besides winning is to continue to get Klay back into the fold of things.

Warriors Bad Spot

Not the ideal spot to go for a large ATS cover tonight.  They hit and attempted (34) three pointers last night.  Phoenix did their best to run them in the ground but Golden State is just better than that.  Now the point of concern is the twenty four turnovers they committed.  An increase might be expected from increased number of possessions.  However, the Suns defense is akin to a matador waving the bull by.  Golden State got sloppy and might do so again tonight.

Most of the simulations ran here all got the Kings covering.  Too many angles to work on.  See how Bogut can do against an almost empty front line.  Get Thompson back in the swing of things.  Plod along and protect the perfect streak and get the rest they need.  Funny thing is that Golden State has to play above average from their norm to cover here.  Take the Kings +15 is our Free Pick to Plunder today.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at the HRW.

Football Tip for the Iron Bowl 11/28

Football Tip for the Iron Bowl 11/28

HRWager’s Football tip on Saturday is for the Iron Bowl.  This rivalry game has one team in national spotlight while the other is shirking from the attention.  For the 6-5 Auburn Tigers, this year saw them almost lose to Jacksonville State.  Now they have to host the Crimson Tide who are on their annual march towards bowl games and national championship appearances.  Can the home town Tigers cover a mammoth fourteen and a half point spread in this 3:30 PM game?

Football Tip : Lack of Quality Yards

Football tip

Here is where Auburn suffers this year.  Production lacks because of a two quarterback system that can not produce one starter.  When Idaho and San Jose State both outgain you in their perspective contests then you just lack the talent to make inroads against Alabama.  Word coming out of Auburn has two different forms of attack.  First, they want to run right at the Tide.  Good luck with that!  Secondly, one is going to see a vast array of formations and trick plays.  This is more realistic and might produce one jailbreak score.  Other than that, it is going to be a long day for the Tigers.

Posting a High Number

One could see the Tigers being held to say ten or so points. This puts the onus on the Tide rushing attack to score thirty for a degree of safety ATS.  There should be little problem there as the physical dominance on both sides of the ball is the greatest this rivalry has seen in perhaps a decade.  Bama has stayed consistent while the Tigers slid off the map once again.

Our Free Pick to Plunder on this Iron Bowl is the Tide at – 14 1/2.  Yes there is bloat on the line to attempt to balance betting but the Tide are good up to twenty here.  Saban does not forget teams that spite his national championship attempts.  Pulling no punches, the square pick is the path to profit today.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at HRWager.


Soccer Tip : Manchester City and Southhampton 11/28

Soccer Tip : Manchester City and Southhampton 11/28

HRWager’s Soccer Tip is born out of the frustration that Manchester City has felt this week.  They have lost two in a row and got shutout one nil against Juventus.  Sergio was supposed to be the solution but they continue to stumble.  Now they enter a must win week against SouthHampton and Hull.  What returning player is almost guaranteed to bring the offensive fireworks with him?  Upon his return, what way will the winds of profit blow in this Saturday EPL game?  Read now at HRWager to find our the wagering solution for that bankroll of yours.

Soccer Tip : Know Your Opponent


Southhampton had all the momentum and then the wheels oddly fell apart against Stoke.  If this was not a complete and utter mishap then the smart money might be on them this weekend.  Alas too many flaws have been exposed against a team ripe to exploit them.  They will do so because David Silva is returning for Manchester City

Far Too Long

Incredible the amount of both star and role players have been beset with injuries this year for Manchester City. Sergio came back against Juventus and needed that game to knock the rust off.  With him in flying form, David Silva is coming back at the perfect time.  Prices on Man C are lower than they should be.  The last two years saw this team hit the jets at this portion of the season.  With most coming back from ill health, Manchester City is well poised to go on another one of their famous end of season runs.

Two ways to wager.  The -1 is still below -100 for this one.  Also the total of over 3 is in plus territory.  Look for the game to be wide open.  Manchester City needs to get their scoring touch and will do so at the expense of some defensive gaffes.  Look for the total to go over three for your free pick to profit by from HRWager for Saturday.