2016 COPA : Paraguay vs United States 6/11

2016 COPA

2016 COPA has entered the final game of the group stages.  Paraguay vs the United States is the only real game that can change the fortunes of who advances from Group A.  Philadelphia is the setting where the Americans are not only the favorite to advance but in the three way lines to win.  Paraguay needs to win in Philadelphia tonight to more than likely advance out of A.  USA draw or better secures their passage.  Lots of dynamics and profit in play for this game starting at 7PM on Saturday the 11th.

2016 COPA : We Go for the Win

First off, we implore all the friends at HRWager to take Jurgen Klinsmann’s statement on this game with more than a grain of salt.  He has to say they are going for the win.  Imagine if he was honest and said that a draw suits us fine.  First it rubs against the default mentality of the American sportsfan who says win at all costs.  Secondly, they say we want the draw and end up losing the game.  It would most certainly cost Jurgen his gig coaching the USMNT.  So while patriotism is to be applauded, it has no real ramifications in this three way line.


  1. US to Win +115 area
  2. Paraguay to Win near +260’s
  3. Draw at the +250 level

Easy to break down Group A ramifications.  Draw and the USA is in because even if Costa Rica beats Colombia, the goal differential is too great.  Paraguay wins and they are in for the same reason even if the Ticos pull a stunner.  Now to the task at hand.  Problems with Paraguay exist in their own defensive end.  They will most likely hurl themselves forward in the effort to get the first goal.  Now what will be the measure response from the United States in counter attack.  Game with Costa Rica was all about desperation.  Here it is just merely securing the game at hand.  How the Americans handle the counter chances when they do not have to walk on the fine edge of a razor here?

Costa Rica has been a program in decline ever since they lost their coach after the World Cup.  They are not as bad as 4-0 as the perfect storm hit them.  USA responded well for one game but their program is still wildly uneven.  Props for both teams scoring should do well here.  Also, the three way draw line is the place to pluck the profit on.  By the skin of their teeth, the USA holds on with the draw and advances to the knockout stage.  Good fortune and we will see you later today here at the HRW.


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