2016 NBA Draft Preview 6/23

NBA Draft

NBA Draft preview provides not only a glimpse into the future of the league but provides decent television value for the sports fan this evening.  Good Afternoon from your friends at HRWager.  Last season it was assumed that the Lakers would draft Jahlil Okafor.  They went against the prevailing tide to take D’Angelo Russell.  This helped usher out Byron Scott who could not create chemistry in Kobe’s last year.  So watch ESPN at 8PM to see if the Lakers will follow sense this year and all the other action of the first round of the 2016 NBA Draft.

NBA Draft Preview : Do Not Go Counter Culture

One year is too soon to truly evaluate Russell at #2 last year.  Now the Lakers have the rare chance to immediately learn from their mistakes.  They get the number two slot once again.  Ben Simmons from LSU is expected to be pick by the 76ers.  Lakers next on the board have another shot at a Duke product in Brandon Ingram.  Let us just hope that they do not get the itch to get creative this year and just pick the best player available instead of peering into an uncertain future.  After that, the waters start to get murky.

Immediate Trade Ramifications and Other Aspects

Boston has been floating interest in five different players.  Part of it is a feint as the Celtics want an established player for this pick.  The whole draft is contingent on this.  Look for Boston to do no favors and wait for the draft to announce the trade.  What else is important is the star quality of this class is way down on the pecking order compared to last year.  Those that can stay in college are doing so because next year will be bountiful for rookies in the new collective bargaining agreement.  All of this leads to the curious question of why Dragan Bender is entering the draft at 18.  He has the agility and size but is a project.  On potential he could have gone as high as three but the Celts are in no mood to develop him.  Look for Dragan Bender to plummet to Denver at #7 or all the way into the teens.

Another vital aspect of the NBA Draft is that it gives one a heads up on next season.  This combined with the free agency period starting July 1st will radically alter the NBA landscape.  Get a head up on the sportsbook by doing a smattering of work this summer.  It could pay off with immense profit in the fall.  Once again, 8PM on ESPN for the first round of the NBA Draft this evening.


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