College Basketball Free Pick 1/5 KSU at Texas

College Basketball Free Pick 1/5 KSU at Texas

Over burdened was our linesman when he came out with the line for KSU and Texas.  Mathematical formulas are the norm and heavily relied on to put out the mass of numbers each and every day.  Once in a while, there is a monkeywrench that throws the established systems amok.  Tonight in the Kansas State at Texas game, we have that situation.  What injury is throwing our man for a loop going in to this one?

Free Pick : Sharp Money on Texas

Two conflicting trends collide head on and the sharps have sided with Texas.  Spread started at – 4 1/2 and is in the sixes now everywhere.  Texas has Taylor at guard and he is probably the best man on the floor.  However, the Longhorn big man broke his foot and is out for the season.  Trying to find the double double he does with his frame and weight in the middle is going to be a tough task for this team.  Sharps have gone with the best man on the floor theory among two teams that have started conference play 0-1 in the Big 12.

K-State Conundrum

college basketball free pick

Three players over ten points a game but none can light it up.  Combine that with a not so challenging pre conference schedule has some squeamish.  They lost at home in 2OT against K-State.  Wildcats saw their team get out rebounded by nearly ten in this one.  This will be the big concern for K-State going forward.  However, practical solutions should be found at least against Texas in this one.  Longhorn depth frontcourt is rather green and has not hit their stride since Cameron went down for them two games ago.

K-State would be in trouble if this was farther down the road.  They will suffer little effect from the two overtime game from an attrition standpoint.  Look for them to throw everything at the one guard and make the others beat them.  Balance prevails in this one.  The plus six points in pocket helps out greatly.  Free Pick for College Basketball is KSU +6.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at the HRW.


NBA Free Pick : Kings at Dallas 1/5

NBA Free Pick : Kings at Dallas 1/5

HRWager’s NBA Free Pick for 1/5 looks at one of the longer forms of futility in the league.  The Kings have not won in Dallas in over twenty attempts.  Most were not close with those few odd games having Sacrament finding novel ways to lose.  This is one of the few occasions that the +5 on the Kings might just mean taking the ML to end the streak.  So let us examine which way is the path to profit in our NBA Play of the Night.

NBA Free Pick : Rondo Interested?

NBA Free Pick 1/5

Rajon’s rep has taken massive hits since his early years in Boston.  Does not play well with others in a relationship sense with interest seeming to waver on and off.  Right now Rondo appears very interested in how the Kings are doing.  Without Durant in OKC, he and DeMarcus torched the Kings.  Rondo was just a rebound short of a triple double with him getting 19 assists in the win.  Last time these two teams met, the Kings saw 52 points between these two in an easy 112-98 win.

Dallas’ Wayward Shots

Now is not the time for their perimeter shooting to go on the fritz.  Last two games saw them go under 40 percent from the field.  Combine that with a horrid 17 of 56 from beyond the arc and the Mavs are in trouble when their long range shots go this badly.  Deron Williams has a bad left hamstring.  Even if he does come back for this one then he will be nowhere near full effectiveness.

+180 ML on the Kings.  One would ideally want even more to wager on a team bucking a trend like this at Dallas.  However, DeMarcus destroys the Mavericks. Rajon wants his pound of flesh from them as well.  George Carl wants to be the one to rid this specter from the Kings.  No ordinary regular season game here for the visitors.  Wager Kings ML for that extra profit today.