NBA Free Pick : Miami at Golden State 1/11

NBA Free Pick : Miami at Golden State 1/11

NBA Free Pick

Long road trip combined with a team that can pour it on has given birth to a steam line this morning.  Miami is out west for six games and are 1-1 so far through it.  Now they have to visit Golden State whom have won 35 games in a row at home.  Herculean task?  Yes.  A line that is now at – 13 1/2 for the home team Warriors.  Hold on to your hats.  It opened – 11 1/2 and people are pouring it on this game.  Is the steam correct in the venture this evening?


Always a consideration with spreads this large.  Both teams have them.  Wade and Tyler Johnson are questionable.  Josh McRobert’s knee is still on the mend and as a result, he too is doubtful for the visitors.  GS has its own woes at guard.  Barbosa is out and Curry still is having leg problems.  Look for more of  limited role from him this evening.  Enough to win but perhaps not pour it on Warriors fashion.

Whiteside Still Learning How to Defend

Incredible statement from someone who posts such good numbers.  He has a tendency to stay glued in certain spots and roam the no man’s land of the mid range jumper too much.  That being said, the team has poured it on with working his going to the perimeter and back to the paint near the rim.  Their win over the Blazers showed the remarkable improvement he has made.  Being in a contract year does not hurt either in his effort.

Play here is the Heat + 13 1/2.  Lots of back door covers as the Warriors look on this game as get it done and get them our of here.  Whiteside will have lots of energy.  Wade does not matter here.  Defense will be up for the task for Miami.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at HRWager.


NFL Early Lines : Divisional Round

NFL Early Lines : Divisional Round


All four road teams won as we enter the NFL Early Lines for the divisional round.  Now we have our linesmaker proclaiming that the big boys have entered this weekend.  All four home teams are favorites going forward.  Good Morning and thank you for joining us here at HRWager.  Green Bay flies by Washington while Seattle is gifted a win at Minnesota.  How will this effect their fates going forward?  We will look at their two early lines right now here at the HRW.


NFL Early Lines : Swagger

Linesmakers are a little confounded by the Packers visiting the Cardinals on Saturday night.  Which Green Bay team makes the trip?  This is why a safe number of – 7 1/2 on the hometown Cardinals has exploits on either side of the ball.  If the swagger has returned to Aaron Rogers than this is  much different team than the one that got rolled out in the desert.  Out of the four teams, KC and GB benefited the most out of the extra game.  Without it, Arizona would have just steamrolled the game  from the get go with spreads easily in the double digits.  Now there is hope for Packer Backers as even the ML of +250 on GB is tempting for their supporters.

Feeling it Now

Fluke win of any fluke win seen in a decade on the pro level.  Seattle has all the bumps and bruises from a physical game in the cold that are now just surfacing.  Go back to the west coast and recover.  Lynch might be a distraction.  Now travel to Carolina as only +3 against a team that might be more physical than they are.  Attrition is the name of the game late in the season.  Here Seattle is so weakened that this can get out of hand.  Carolina -3 should be invested on right now.

Green Bay really needed that game against a Washington team that can not beat above .500 teams.  Now the matchup in the desert has some intrigue.  Meanwhile, the Carolina game is the easiest game on the board for the entire playoff.  Good fortune however you decide to invest and we will see you later today here at HRWager.