Brady and Manning For the Last Time?

Brady and Manning For the Last Time?

HRWager has seen most of the titanic battles that Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have engaged in.  While Brady owns a healthy lead in the series, the playoff battle has been a lot more even.  Coach Kubiak relented and gave the reigns of Denver back to Manning for one final ride.  Now they get to host the game to determine which team from the AFC goes to the Super Bowl.  With a line of -3, can the favored Patriots win on the road to defend their title in Super Bowl 50?

Teams That Give New England Fits

AFC CHampionship Free Pick

In post season games where NE has lost, these three facets have usually been in play.

  1.  Field Position
  2. Time of Possession
  3. Turnovers

Good news is that the Denver rushing game can win the time of possession.  Patriots will rely on a quick passing attack but even with those odd errant passes, Denver can chew up clock if it does not get down early.  Now for the turnover battle.  NE is almost invincible if they win the turnover battle in the post season.  Now the Broncos -4 turnover margin is overblown because Manning’s early interceptions will not manifest themselves in this game.  This factor is much closer than it appears to many people.

Mentality of Bend Don’t Break

Why have the Broncos struggled with their elite defense?  In part because Denver gets the stops but it translates into punts deep in their territory.  They re 27th in the league in average starting position.  This equtes to them having to play that much better on offense than the normal team.  While their rushing attack will challenge this, the limited aspect of the vertical passing game will not stretch their defense to the breaking point.  This is the key to the entire game.

Lack of jailbreak ability is what separates the teams.  New England has play makers and Brady can stretch the field.  Denver has to plug the entire way.  The -3 is a safe investment for this one.  Go with the Patriots to return to the Super Bowl. Good fortune and we will see you next time here at the HRW.


College Basketball Free Pick : Recovery for Georgia?

College Basketball Free Pick : Recovery for Georgia?

The game that pinged our radar is Georgia traveling to Missouri.  Here we have a Georgia team that has senior leadership and blasted Missouri by 18 at home earlier this season.  However, the Aggies of Texas A & M came a calling and mopped the floor with Georgia.  How will the Bulldogs react to a 35 point loss the next game out? It is this psychological aspect that we will examine in this 7PM start on 1/20.

Key is Maten

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Georgia gets the majority of their play with their experience heavy guards.  However, the way that they beat Missouri last time was on the inside.  Yante Maten has been about the only pleasant surprise for this Bulldog team.  A sophomore who seems to be improving each and every game.  Even though they are 9-6 overall, their experience at guard and the exuberance of their young front court star has them projected as showing up strong this evening.



Missouri is suffering because of the violations that occurred the 13-14 season.  It makes it no easier that at 8-9,1-3 that a post season bid even to the NIT would be a leap.  However, they can not play the SEC tournament either.  This has the Tigers in a state of limbo.  Missouri has an RPI of 146.  What makes it worse for head coach Kim Anderson is that the Tigers do look like they are playing out the string when it comes to effort.  Straight forward offense with little energy will allow Georgia to clamp down on Missouri tonight.

Very slight movement had Georgia go from – 2 1/2 to -3 and back again.  The stalling point on Bulldog investing is their 0-3 record on the road.  However, Missouri is very exploitable and has not been giving great effort.  Texas A&M was a bad loss but not a reason for Georgia to tank.  Look for them to dig in their heels and cover on the road tonight in SEC action.  Good fortune and we will see you later today here at HRWager.

Arizona at Carolina for NFC Championship

Arizona at Carolina for NFC Championship


The second Conference Championship is a gold mine ready to be excavated.  Both Arizona and Carolina have potent offenses.  Two top teams with quarterbacks enjoying banner years.  Good afternoon and welcome to HRWager.  Here we have Cam Carson battling it out for the right to get to the Super Bowl.  Why not put a cherry on top of this game with an investment on it’s outcome?  Read on as we have the winning angle between Arizona at Carolina this Sunday.

Establish the Run

Odd how the stats can run during the regular season.  Carolina has dual threats to run highlighted by a quarterback who can bolt at any time.  Arizona has a pass first approach.  However, the difference in rushing touchdowns during the regular season is only three by the Panthers.  If Carson can get the short game going then the Panthers are put in a bad position.  Josh Norman can lockdown any one receiver but Arizona has multiple options through the air.  Any success on the ground and the Cardinals can turn this into a shoot out which favors them.

True Test

NFC Championship

This will demonstrate whether Cam Newton has evolved into a pass first impromptu passer.  Arizona will blitz often with a variety of looks.   Can Cam break it down all at the line and make the proper decisions as a pocket passer?  His scrambling ability will gain them a couple of first downs but not the game.  In this pressure filled situation, the soon to be NFL MVP will have this pass this final test to get to the Super Bowl.



Exploits on both teams exist.  Their offenses will challenge the total of 48 on the high side.  Arizona will make progress in the air and at the same time provide prime field position for the Panthers with a few turnovers.  More jailbreak chances for Carolina as Arizona will not relent on their blitzes.  HRWager recommends going on the over in the total here.  Enjoy this scoring fest in optimal weather conditions in Carolina.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at the HRW.