NBA Free Picks : Clippers at Jazz 4/8

NBA Free Picks : Clippers at Jazz 4/8

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A key game for one side can create a profitable opportunity for HRWager’s NBA Free Picks on April 8th.  The Clippers visit the Jazz where Los Angeles has secured the 4th seed.  Now it is just a matter of getting Blake up to speed and ironing out the rotation.  Meanwhile the Jazz are one game ahead of the Rockets for the eighth seed with four games to go.  With only Utah facing dire circumstances, what number has been given to the home favorites in this game?

NBA Free Picks : Off the Board Early On

Five was the initial opener in a few markets but was promptly swamped and adjusted to – 7 1/2.  In the evening, word came out of LA that the Rockets are irked with the Clippers.  Reason being is that LAC released their scratch list for Friday.  Here are the Clips who will miss the game.

  1. Blake
  2. Wesley Johnson
  3. DeAndre Jordan
  4. CPIII
  5. JJ Reddick

This is essentially surrendering the game to Utah.  This is key because Houston has a really easy last four games and could easily sweep their last four to make their move on Utah.

What to Do Now?

Well this is where one wakes up in the morning to see what the number is.  We loather reactionary moves like this but the linesmakers are going to be hesitant about this one.  Our plan of attack is to add the Jazz ML to any wager we make on Friday.  It is going to be a chalky wager but it should gain us some equity there.  If the line is -12 or lower then do not do the parlay strategy and instead just wager Utah minus the points in a straight beet.  A 9PM start for this cupcake wager.  Easy profit to go with your beer and weekend entertainment.  Good fortune and we will see you later here at the HRW.


MLB Free Pick : Dodgers at Giants 4/8

MLB Free Pick : Dodgers at Giants 4/8

HRWager’s MLB Free Pick for 4/8 is examining the second game of the series between the Dodgers and Giants.  San Fransisco had been up and down with their offense but exploded at home yesterday.  Find out how the Dodgers staff finally relented and let a run in.  When one cross the plate, the Giants rode the momentum to the win.  Now SF is the home favorite with a total of eight runs.  Which way to wager to extract the profit this Friday?

MLB Free Pick : Shutout Streak Shot Down

MLB Free Pick 4/8

Perfection was working well for the Dodgers.  They blanked the Padres in all three games and started to do the same with the Giants on Thurday.  Then the roof caved in.  Heck LA even had four runs going into the bottom of the fifth.  It was then that Alex Wood started to have problems. When he gave in some runs, the flood gates burst open with San Fran winning in a 12-6 romp.  While this is only one game, the Dodgers are one of the more mentally fragile teams out there.  No one doubts their talent but a little adversity like this could have the coming out flat against the Giants on Friday.

Small Ball

San Fransisco’s lineup is talented but even better they are resourceful.  They can extract hits where few other teams can.  Bunts and bloops were their bread and butter yesterday.  This set up the plate for Hunter Pence.  Dodger Joc Pederson really got a hold of one and hit a titanic blast to close the gap 7-6.  With the bases loaded, Pence went deep to clear the bases.  Now with the Giants being a -121 favorite tomorrow, which team is the correct one to invest in.

Ross Stripling is going to make his major league debut for the Dodgers.  He takes on Matt Cain who could not regain that 2012 16-5 magic.  His home runs per nine innings has gone way up these last two years.  Both these pitchers can give up a ton of runs.  The total is 8 at near -125.  This is a good price and qualifies as our HRWager MLB Free Pick of the Day.  Good fortune in this 10:15PM start.