NBA Free Pick : Portland at Clippers Game One 4/17

NBA Free Pick : Portland at Clippers Game One 4/17

HRWager’s NBA Free Pick for Portland at the Clippers examines the Blazers in a new light.  Too many times Portland has disappointed the masses but this year is different.  With one of their two star players going to San Antonio, Portland did not collapse.  They overachieved and get to play the one of the biggest post season busts in the game today.  Clippers open up in the mid seven range for home favorites for the Game One start time of 10:30 PM EST on April 17th.

NBA Free Pick : Thin Herd in the West

NBA Free Pick 4/17

This is no longer the stacked deck of the NBA.  Western Conference basketball has become almost as polarized as the East.  Two recognized dominant teams with another two right behind them with a duo of talent.  Funny thing happened to the Clippers this year is that they had to evolve.  Blake was out for almost the entire year with injuries and personal mishaps. Redick and Jordan really upped their game.  Additional assets like Cole Aldrich really have shown flashes of good play.  Now the Clippers are the deepest they have been with more balance.  Now if they can prove they can handle the physical game then they might be a threat in the West.

Best of the Have Nots

Someone had to win all the leftover games with a weak Western Conference.  That honor went to the Blazers who worked their tails off.  Only Lillard remains after almost every other person of note from a year ago is gone.  This was necessary but the rebuilding went better than hoped for in Year One.  CJ McCollum will have to keep up and exceed his scoring output.  Good news is that he can because for all their prowess, LAC still does not like to play defense at the guard position.  This is where the hopes for a Portland cover lie.

207 1/2 is the total with rumor of 8 or even more points being spotted by the Clippers.  If LAC wins by that much then the total will go over.  Safer here to take a 207 1/2 total with no line movement yet compared to the opening -6 1/2 that is at 8 in some places.  HRWager’s Free Pick to profit by is the over 207 1/2 total here.  Good fortune and we will see you on Monday here at the HRW.


NBA Handicapping : Detroit at Cleveland 4/17

NBA Handicapping : Detroit at Cleveland 4/17

NBA Handicapping

Detroit is in damage control as they enter our NBA Handicapping radar.  Pistons fans are excited to see their postseason drought finally end.  However, there is a big damper when they get the one club in the East where they virtually have little chance beating four times in this series.  Find out how pronounced LeBron James’ advantage is here and which side will be winning after the Cavs spot them ten points on April 17th at 3PM!


NBA Handicapping : Pedigree

While assumptions generally derail your sports investment, there is looking a gift horse in the mouth in this series.  James has lead whatever team he is on to five straight series wins in the Eastern Conference Finals.  The regular season 3-1 Pistons edge here is as useless a stat as there ever is.  LeBron only cares to ramp it up for the playoffs now.  About the only tangible disadvantage the Cavs have is in their coaching.  Tyronn Lue actually did worse than David Blatt before he was replaced.  Now Lue will most likely defer to Coach James in this one.

So How Does Detroit Even Cover?

First off, this team does not quit in the early going of this series.  They have a very hard work ethic which emphasizes physical contact.  This could get under the skin of the Cavs causing mini-implosions.  Reggie Jackson is in bad shape coming into the series.  If he even plays game one, he will be at the mercy of a Kyrie Irving who loves to pour in points.  Most think that the Pistons can steal one at home but not here.

Game One is the statement game.  This will be more for a battle of postseason minutes than the win for the Cavs.  Cleveland’s rotation is up in the air.  Look for a concentrated and complete effort by the Cavs in Game One.  Cleveland will cover the -10 here.  For those thinking the Pistons might steal some $$$ then look more to Game Two.  Good fortune and we will see you later on in the day at the HRW.