NBA Totals : Raptors at Pacers Game Three 4/21

NBA Totals : Raptors at Pacers Game Three 4/21

NBA totals 4/21

Pivotal point in the series as HRWager evaluates the NBA Totals line for Game Three of the Raptors at the Pacers.  The bar has been set at 193 points.  This is what we call in the business a limbo line.  That catchall number that is waiting for certain decisions to occur before rapid movement will commence.  What should you be on the watch for and find out how this total is already fundamentally biased!


NBA Totals : DeRozan Dependent

10 for 37 shooting for the series is not going to cut it for the Raptor’s all star guard.  To make matters worse, he only got to the line six times total for both games.  All of this meant that Toronto was fortunate to get on the road all square at one game apiece.  The difference in game two were the health concerns of the Pacers.  Two of Indiana’s best players left with back problems.  This allowed Valanciuna and Patterson to score a combined 39 points.  Very necessary production for the Toronto win.  Now monitoring the injury updates would be prudent but the psychological aspect of this games gives an even larger inclination on which side of the 193 total points will come through on Thursday.


A great deal of pressure was placed on the Raptor’s playoff losing streak.  When they dropped Game One, the scrutiny became almost unbearable.  This is a large reason why the Toronto guards have been underperforming so far.  Relief had to come in waves as they saw the front court and bench bail them out in Game Two.  Now being on the road will be actually better for the guards.  A fresh start in a tied series will grant relief to them.  Looser play will be to the benefit of their shooting strokes.

Reason why the 193 is flawed is this.  It is in direct correlation to whom wins.  Better team will dictate tempo tonight.  Sorry Pacer fans but this is the Raptors night.  Points will come in flurries and Indiana will have to keep pace else be swept away.  Over on the 193 is your HRWager NBA totals free pick of the day.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at the HRW.


NHL Projection : Florida @ Islanders Game Four 4/20

NHL Projection : Florida @ Islanders Game Four 4/20

NHL Projection 4/20

Home ice protection for the New York Islanders is HRWager’s NHL Projection for April 20th.  Game Three saw New York overcame a pair of two goal deficits to win 4-3 in overtime.  This is very disheartening for the Panthers as they soundly had the Islanders on the ropes.  However, it was not enough to impress the oddsmakersas they made this matchup a virtual pickem for Wednesday night.  Which way will HRWager favor for this 7PM start?

NHL Projection : Reilly Smith

Panthers coaching staff did not know much about him when they obtained him from Boston.  They are taking notice now as he is shining in this series.  All three of his games were the multi point variety.  He leads the league in plus minus with a +7 for the Panthers.  His performance has been consistent but as a whole, the Panthers are deviating from their form in the regular season.  They got where they were at by finishing strong and protecting leads.  This series has been a stark departure from that pattern and Florida is running out of time to correct course.


First off, attrition might have something to do with this.  New York has a lot of young players and they can have the fresh legs to tackle three games in four days.  Opposite end of the spectrum is 37 year old Luongo.  The Panther netkeep said he was pretty well spent by the end of that stretch.  Does he have the pep back in his first step and reactions?  The pattern that needs improving is shots allowed.  Luongo is getting shelled out there.  Third most shots faced out of the sixteen playoff teams through three games.  Islanders also have had more powerplays and cashed in on 33 percent of them. The Panthers are a tepid 1 for 9 in the man advantage situations.

A lot of energy to regain to come back to form on the road.  Desperation has a jump start effect as being down 3-1 in the series is just about the death nail.  With two days to rest, the defense has to not let so many shots through.  Also increased effectiveness in the power play is needed.  The judgment that the handicapper has to make is if the Islanders will grow up and learn how to slam the door at home. They escaped in Game Three but will carry the play more on the 20th.  HRWagers  NHL Projection is that the Islanders ML is the path to profit in this game.  Good fortune and we will see you later today here at the HRW.