Runline Betting : Twins at Tigers 5/16

Runline Betting : Twins at Tigers 5/16

How can their be a runline betting alert between two teams that each have gone 2-8 in their last ten?  This is the elephant in the room when we handed down our sports investment recommendation to HRWager this morning?  On the surface, the Twins at the Tigers on May 16th looks like a rag tag game in which neither team should have that large of an advantage.  Alas for Minnesota, Zimmermann is the pitcher you must face tonight.  So let us look at the lines and see how much profit we can extract from this situation here at the HRW!

Runline Betting : How Much?

Runline Betting 5/16

Even before looking at the pitching matchups, one has to look at the prize to see if striving to get it is worthwhile.  Odd action for this one.  A -168 ML has gone down to the -150’s on the Tigers today.  However, those that do like the Tigers went with the runline which has actually contracted from -1 1/2 +130 to +125.  We adore polarizing situations like these.  First off, the pitching matchup makes it so.  Our 0.00 ERA man, Jordan Zimmermann, could not keep up the pace.  Let us see where he is at now as the season is through mid May.

Jordan’s Stats

An ERA up to 1.50 with a FIP of 3.42 means he is still working himself out of jams.  The only item of real concern is that his percentage of walks this year is higher than the last two.  Also in the last three games, his WHIP is over 1.000.  He has no wins in May so far.  Thank goodness he gets a Twins franchise he dominates.  2-0 with a sub one ERA getting 15 strikeouts in 14 innings.  All of this value plus he goes against a rookie tonight.  Are the Tigers that offensively inept to not be able to score four or more runs tonight?

They are back home in Detroit after a 2-5 road trip.  Top two hitters for average in the league.  Power in the middle of the lineup.  Rough time for Berrios of Minnesota with his inflated stats during his last three starts.  Easy profit to be had tonight.  – 1 1/2 +125 is our MLB Free Pick of the Day.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at the HRW.


Stanley Cup Free Pick : Lightning @ Pittsburgh Game Two 5/16

Massive line movement has been seen concerning the Stanley Cup Free Pick we have for Game Two of the Eastern Conference Final.  Tampa Bay played well to steal Game One but the linesmakers are of the opinion that they can not make it two in a row.  The flow of money into tonight’s game seems to confirm that stance as the initial ML of -176 has ballooned to over -200 on the home team.  Why in most people’s minds are the Penguins the play of the night for sports investors?

Stanley Cup Free Pick : Bishop’s Status

Instead of massive trauma, there is soft tissue damage to be dealt with.  Watch what happened with special thanks to Hockey Highlights for posting this on Youtube.

A nasty injury by Bishop’s obvious pain.  That he is even to be considered as possibly starting by sites that track the goalies is a testament to Ben’s willpower.  He has gone through injury woes in the playoffs and knows what it takes to overcome them.  Even if he can not go, the Lightning are not that bad off Andrei Vasilevskiy coming in to replace him.  He was the first goalie in over 80 years to get a win in relief during a Stanley Cup Final game.  So why all the panic if he has experience stemming the tide?

35 Ugly Shots

Fans complain when their team waits for the perfect pass to score.  Well, they got their wishes as the Pens chucked any old shot at Tampa in the Game One loss.  Unfortunately, most were well outside the crease which caused little concern no matter who the Lightning goalie was.  Now we get to see how the Penguins respond with their batteries charged.  Many attributed the Game One loss to a hangover from the Capitol series but it is not as simple as that.  The chemistry they have is off as many want their normal starter back in goal.  Alas rookie Matt Murray gets another chance after giving up three goals on twenty shots.  This is a formula for another upset to happen.

If willpower was the end all then most playoffs would go to Game Seven.  These teams are not that different in ability to warrant an over -200 ML on one of them in the playoffs.  Vasilevsiy is good enough for the task to keep Tampa in this.  Two lines to wager tonight.  The under 5 at +125 is the place to start.  Snug play by both teams will dominate the first period.  This prompts the under to be our first free pick.  For those that really want to swing for the fences, the Tampa Bay Money line near +190 begs to be bet.  Wager on this one for those that have secure bankrolls.  Good fortune and we will see you later today here at HRWager.