Preakness Odds Affected By Rainy Forecast? 5/20

How much will the Preakness odds be moved because of a rainy forecast for May 20th?  HRWager has not only been watching the radar but talking to clients in the Baltimore region for their input.  Moisture whether heavy or light have been oozing into the ground the entire week.  A normal 70 degree day is supposed to only get up to 50 degrees for race time.  Many factors are making this second leg of the Triple Crown into an unusual event to handicap for horse racing fans.

Preakness Odds : To the Weather Forecast

Mixed bag for Nyquist.  The good news is that the California based horse should not be distrubed by the temperature aspect of the race.  Moisture levels are a different story.  A near 80 percent chance of rain will put him in an environment that he is not familiar with.  This horse with its perfect record has been groomed a little bit to avoid races that could have this condition.  Now he can not, so what will the result be?  He could have raced Santa Anita with this type of weather is typical.  Instead, he opted for the Florida Derby.  So if the odds remain pricey on Nyquist, this translates into an extreme loss of value as you are paying an inflated price for a horse whose chances to win are going to be reduced.

Remember Sunny’s Halo?

Sunny’s Halo was a big favorite to win the Preakness at nearly 11 to 10.  Similar weather hit the region as this.  Let us relive that moment in racing history with a special thank you to the Horse Racing Youtube channel for sharing this.

There is a reason why Pimlico does not get the big names for most any other race but this one.  The dirt mixture here is notorious for turning into the slop you see before you.  With the chance for wet weather any weekend, this is what you can get and why most horses like Nyquist would steer clear if they could.

So where does this leave us?  Of course with Part II of our Preakness Preview tomorrow.  Get down to work as the exact weather conditions at post time could pay off for handsome profit for the prepared mind.  Good fortune today and we will see you later on here at HRW.


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Good fortune to all who enter.  Enjoy the Preakness for the slop fest that it might be on Saturday.  We will see you tomorrow with the second part of our Preakness Preview here at The Gambling Forum.