Stanley Cup Odds for Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay Game Six

Stanley Cup Odds for Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay Game Six

Stanley Cup Odds

What are the Stanley Cup Odds for the potential closeout game for the Tampa  Bay Lightning?  Game Five saw the Lightning turn the tables on the Penguins in overtime to push Pittsburgh to the brink of elimination.  Even in the face of all this adversity, the Pens are the road favorites for this one.  What must the Lightning due to dash the hopes of the oddsmakers this evening?  Thank you for visiting us at HRWager as we present our Free Pick to profit by for the game tonight with the puck dropping at 8PM EST.

Stanley Cup Odds for Game Six

Both the oddsmakers and the early action are in unison with Pittsburgh.  Around -130 was the ML on the Pens and it has been bet to the -140 level.  5 1/2 is the total for this one and it has been nibbled at on both sides.  Part of the uneven price on the Penguins is a result of their brand name.  People like to bet teams that they know.  Combine that with star power and a free flowing offense and a lot of the amateur money goes to them.  All of this flies in the face of the foundation for Stanley Cup wagering.  Goaltending is often the make you or break you factor for hockey handicappers.


Both teams have had to go with two netminders in this series.  Tampa saw Ben Bishop go down with an injury. Andrei Vasilevskiy has heated up enough that he is not giving away easy goals.  On the other end of the stick, Pittsburgh has had both of their netminders slumping as of late.  Murray was hot but had one bad game so the regular starter got his gig back. Fleury surrendered the equalizer with less than four minutes left.  Overtime did not get past the one minute mark as Tampa won in rapid fashion.  Tampa has a slight edge here in this pivotal position for Game Six.

Two Free Picks are on the menu today.  We advise our readership to bet the Tampa Bay ML for this one.  The totals are an interesting wager as a strong trend is present. 16-2-1 are the overs in the last nineteen games between these two teams.  Over 5 1/2 is our other recommendation.  Good fortune with your selections today and we will see you tomorrow here at HRWager.


NFL News : Patriots Futures and Deflategate Appeal

NFL News : Patriots Futures and Deflategate Appeal

NFL News 5/24

NFL News from HRWager on this Tuesday morning goes over the ramifications of another Deflategate appeal.  Just when we think it was all quiet, Tom Brady has asked the 2nd Circuit court for another hearing.  Lots of questions and scenarios now trickle down from his action yesterday.  Find out what are the practical chances that he will get to be heard again on this issue.  If he does, what happens to that four game suspension he as set to serve at the start of the season?  Find out the wagering implications here at the HRW.


NFL News : Another Bite at the Apple?

April 25th saw a 2-1 ruling from this same court that sided with Roger Goodell and put back in place the punishment of four games for Tom Brady’s actions involving Deflategate.  Instead of three judges, his step seeks to get all 13 involved.  Seven of them have to agree to hear this appeal for action to be retaken on this level.  Yesterday was the last day before the deadline would have passed closing out the appeals process in this case.  If they do not agree to hear the case then the suspension is kept in place.  However, his suspension would be delayed if the judges decide to hear this once again.


The amount of salary he would have lost by missing the first four games is not that much.  He signed a new contract which adjusted this year’s salary to one million and back loaded it in the second year.  What really concerns us are the NFL futures that involve the Patriots.  Overs on season wins and bets on to make it to the playoffs and the Super Bowl gained some value at the possibility that this might be overturned.  Look at their first four games that the Patriots would not have had Brady.

  1. Cardinals
  2. Dolphins
  3. Texans
  4. Bills

Key games against division foes in Weeks Two and Four.  All these games are hard enough to win with Brady at the helm.  Without him, 2-2 in this stretch would be an accomplishment.

21 days is the next window we are working with now for Tom Brady’s Deflategate Appeal.  The judges could take no action and just let it lapse in three weeks.  Since it was a divided ruling, they might be more apt to reopen the case so that all 13 can weigh in.  We will keep you abreast of this situation and any market changes in NFL betting regarding the New England Patriots.  Good fortune and we will see you later on today here at the HRW.