Fight Night 88 : Main Card

Fight Night 88 : Main Card

UFC Fight Night 88

Fight Night 88 has adjusted to the Memorial Day schedule.  UFC has given us the perfect way to end Sunday night and still have the final day of the holiday to recover.  We are going to have the pleasure of watching two perfect records colliding when Thomas Almeida and Cody Garbrandt meet.  Also in our radar is another fighter that wants to jump a weight class in Renan Barao.  So lots of profit to procure with out free picks for the May 29th UFC event.


Fight Night 88 : Age Old Question

Men that fight in the lower weight classes usually have to address how much their performance is going to be effected by them cutting weight to make the final number.  Renan Barao (33-3 and 8-2 UFC) should be fine jumping up one weight class.  Mistake fighters make is when they try two or more above what they normally are at.  Barao was a household name in the promotion but has not won in a year and a half.  Here he is pitted against Jeremy Stephens (24-12 and 11-11 UFC).  Stephens is hard to put down with a power game especially from someone going up in weight.  Barao has all the skill set advantages and might be worth a moneyline parlay at -193.  Our money is on the over 2 1/2 round @ -125 as this will be a clutch and grab fest to the win.

Main Event

Thomas Almeida is the flamboyant Brazilian striker (20-0, 4-0) that has more experience and the brighter future.  He has everything that makes a star in this promotion if he can avoid the horizontal plane here.  Cody Garbrandt (8-0, 3-0) faces an odd quandary in this one.  Wrestling is his best option to stop Almeida on the vertical plane.  However, he is the one that suffers more from a lack of fitness.  Experience difference by Thomas is enough for us to pound the -173 Almeida ML for two units.

Fox Sports 1 brings you the free main event card starting at 9PM EST on Sunday the 29th.  HRWager has published our free picks to profit by for the prelims yesterday.  Armed with those and these, a grand night of contact sports action is on the docket for us.  Good fortune in this and we will see you next time here at the HRW.



NASCAR News : Downforce and Other Rule Changes

NASCAR News : Downforce and Other Rule Changes

NASCAR News 5/28


NASCAR News has come out Thursday with rule changes that are going to effect our wagering strategies for two upcoming events.  Venues for these alterations are going to be the Michigan International Speedway and Kentucky Speedway.  These sites hold NASCAR events on June 12th and July 9th.  What are the changes?  How will this effect the on the oval products?  HRWager examines this newflash during the Memorial Day Weekend.

NASCAR News : FireKeepers Casino 400

Michigan is the first venue that will see the lightening of the downforce applied on cars by another 400 pounds being removed.  Local media has lamented that this will lead to more clumping on the track.  While it is true that the racing will be more compacted, the projected passing elements might not improve as much as they wish to see.  Look for an overall decrease in speed at Brooklyn, Michigan.

The Actual Changes

  1. Spoilers shortened by an inch to 2.5 inches overall
  2. Splitter is now down to 2 inches
  3. Deck fin has to match the spoiler
  4. Aero package sees a reduction in downforace and sideforce
  5. Decrease Skew sideforce by setting rear to toe zero like they do in the All-Star race

Corner speeds are going to be lowered.  This will see more passing at these two event is what NASCAR hopes for. If this is successful then the ultimate goal is to have each track have their own set of rules regarding this criteria.  HRWager will be on hand for our projections for the June 12th race and a review of the results.  Good fortune and we will see you later on in the day here at the HRW.