CFL Free Picks : Montreal @ Toronto 7/25

CFL Free Picks : Montreal @ Toronto 7/25

CFL Free Picks

HRWager has your CFL Free Pick to profit from on a Monday.  The strongest trend in the early going of the 2016 season is still going strong.  Has it been more happenstance than a reflection of what is on the field?  Quarterbacks are falling or being replaced in rapid fashion around the league.  So even though Montreal is 1-2 and one of the worst teams in the league, one should not auto fade them without looking at all facts coming into this one! 7:30 PM start for this one so let us profit from our football investment right now at HRWager.

CFL Free Picks : Glenn is Back

Ottawa lost their stellar starter to injury and the Blue Bombers have made a change at helm for next week.  We are getting into the first period of dissatisfaction in the schedule.  Certain teams are ready to flip the switch to change their fortunes.  Winnipeg has done so but is there panic in Montreal’s camp?  Kevin Glenn is back for Montreal and has looked decent.  He had an eye infection that kept him out from the last game.  His timing will be a little off and the receiving options are not the best in terms of separation from defenses.  A total of 45 to 46 with the spread -6 on the Argos have the sharps and oddsmakers skeptical about the offensive prospects of the Alouettes in this one.

Road Warriors?!

CFL strong trend is that the road team is rolling to wins.  This time we have only one home winner in three and that was by the skin of their teeth with the opposition also losing their starting quarterback.  Toronto is winless at their new stadium and have management plus fans clamoring for the win. Here we have a difference in mindset between the organization.  Toronto still has confidence in themselves.  They were relaxed yet business like in their preparation.  Montreal opted for the explosion route.  Duron Carter was highly critical and vocal with his dissatisfaction from the Alouettes.  Management decided to fine him.  Things could go south for Montreal in a hurry.

Invest in the Argo’s this evening.  -6 is a lot to overcome but Montreal is a mess.  It is more than just getting their QB back.  Offensive options are limited in the speed department.  Teams that dont hand the ball over with turnovers present Montreal with problems.  Argos finally get that win at home and cover the spread.  Good fortune with your sports investments and we shall see you on Tuesday here at the HRW.


Tigers-Red Sox Free Pick and Preview 7/25

Tigers-Red Sox Free Pick and Preview 7/25

Tigers-Red Sox

One’s mind naturally gravitates towards big moves and the Tigers-Red Sox have had them as of late.  Both with each other as Dave Dombrowski went from GM at Detroit to Boston as well as fortunes in the standings.  Red Sox got to the top of the AL East for an iota of time before falling one and a half behind Baltimore.  Detroit is now a half dozen behind the team that has tormented them the most this season, Cleveland.  There has been some overnight movement in this one from the sharps to help us along.  Let us see if where they went is our destination for profit in this 7PM start in Beantown.

Tigers-Red Sox : Former Padre Pitch Placement

Throw out almost all considerations and stats from Drew Pomeranz until he gets his bearings straight.  The now Boston pitcher has one start under his belt since being traded from the Padres.  His transition has not been a smooth one.  He is suffering from the occasional lapse with bad placement regarding the fastball.  First game in the AL and the opposition tuned him up.  Now he is on a short learning curve both with Fenway and the steamy conditions this evening.  This would help to explain why the totals that opened at 9 1/2 got more chalky on the over.  It went from an almost even price consideration to the -120 option one has to invest with right now.

Boston’s Offense

15 straight games with a home run is very hard to ignore.  Facing an aging superstar with a live fastball in high humidity screams for the over but let us take a look at Justin Verlander’s form coming in.  A WHIP of 0.97 despite allowing eight walks in his last three starts.  Those free passes have not dented him hard with an ERA of just 1.74 in this stretch.  So the All-Star break is certainly working for him.  Who are hitting the wall is the rest of his team mates.  Two one run losses on Sunday.  Now they limp to Boston from steamy Chicago.  While they are only six back in the division, the Tigers are squandering their chances and know it.  Their bullpen once again can not hold leads late letting in a walk off against the Sox to send them packing eastward.

Ortiz has proven he can turn on Justin’s fastball when Verlander was in his prime.  The ML started near -135 and drifted toward -145 on the Red Sox.  Boston’s bats are mashing right now.  Team total on the Sox side over should be your first investment.  For those that like Boston in this one, go with the run line -1 1/2 near the +130 range.  Can not see this being decided by just one run with both pitchers giving up gopher balls.  GO with the extra equity in the Red Sox higher potential for a rout.  Good fortune and we will see you later today here at HRWager.