Toronto Ottawa CFL Expert Pick July 31st

Toronto Ottawa CFL Expert Pick July 31st

Toronto Ottawa

New quarterbacks in place for Toronto Ottawa CFL Expert Pick of 7:30 PM start tonight.  Hope you are all enjoying your weekends here at HRWager.  Injury plays  a pivotal role in this game.  Ricky Ray got crumpled last week forcing the Argos to go with a new signal caller on the road.  However, Ottawa also has made a change.  This has not detracted the fans from making a -8 home favorite into a double digit spread at ten.  Are the RedBlacks this strong here or is there another way to extract some profit with our CFL game of the Week?

Toronto Ottawa : Experience Gap

Henry Burris is fighting for his job after jamming a finger early in the season.  This saw Trevor Harris take over and make a RedBlacks offense into a very dangerous and dynamic unit.  Now with Harris and his knee a concern, Burris has rushed back to try and reclaim the role as his own.  At 41 years old, he has few miles left on him but wants to finalize the epic run he had with the team last year.  For our betting purposes, older quarterbacks have not fared well coming out of the gate.  Mobility and throwing issues have caused them to suffer slow starts.

Slow Half Projected

Now we have a Toronto team that is very able to go on the fly changing their offense to a new qb. Kilgore gets the call after Ricky Ray’s knee got hurt shelving him anywhere from three to six weeks.  With all the adjustments, few things can rattle a quarterback more than early turnovers.  Look for safe situations and a little clock milking so that he can keep the game close in the first half until he can get his bearings.

Double digit dog is up in the air.  Ottawa covering it is an iffy proposition.  One that has much more stability is the total.  First half points has been bet up from 25 to 25 1/2.  This is optimistic as the teams will start off slow.  Go with the under 25 1/2 first half for your CFL Pick of the Week.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at HRWager.


Mariners Cubs ESPN Sunday Night Baseball Free Pick

Mariners Cubs ESPN Sunday Night Baseball Free Pick

Mariners Cubs

Can Chicago just throw anyone on the mound and be the favorite in the finale of the Mariners Cubs game on ESPN tonight?  This is the theory that will be bouncing around the barbecues all day long.  A journeyman pitcher that had been cut by the Braves gets the ball verses a visiting over .500 team.  All of this and the Cubs are at a -160 moneyline favorite to win this evening.  Is all of this just to achieve balanced wagering based on the brand name of the Cubs?  Let us examine it all right now here at HRWager!

Mariners Cubs : Matusz

Matusz was a prized left handed pitcher with loads of potential whose teams got tired of waiting.  Baltimore traded him this year and the Braves cut him.  A transition to another career seemed possible until the Cubs decided to sign the 29 year old.  Now less than two months later, Chicago has decided to test him out on a national stage.  This is on the heels of a massive flop yesterday.  Their new gunslinger, Chapman, blew the lead late as the Mariners rallied for the win.  So how can this team with such an unknown be a sizable favorite at home.


Hernandez is Still Suffering

Felix has been having a productive season even if it has not been up to his stellar standards.  Problem with his recent momentum is that it comes just two starts since he came off of the disabled list.  Strained right calf has seen him suffer through some initial setbacks.  Nine runs in just a little over twelve innings is nowhere near the stuff he normally deals. Once he gets it all back together, he will be formidable.  Can he do it against the big bats of the Cubs?

Chicago has been skating on their reputation for a month.  Seattle ML has excellent road underdog value for the bankroll.  Team total on the over for the Mariners is also a deal.  A journeyman pitcher that got dumped by Atlanta just does not get it together now that he is on a good team.  Either one of our free picks should be pounded on for profit this evening.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at the HRW.