Houston Cincinnati : College Free Pick Thursday 9/15

Houston Cincinnati : College Free Pick Thursday 9/15

Houston Cincinnati

College football Thursday roars in with Houston Cincinnati in a game pegged pretty close by the oddsmakers.  Glad to see all here at HRWager once again as Week Three in NCAAF starts up.  Cougar nation is riding high with their #6 ranking as they roll into Bearcats territory.  The spread on this one has the high powered Houston machine as only a – 7 1/2 point favorite.  What is the status of their stellar quarterback for this one?  Let us find in this 7:30 PM start this evening on ESPN.

Houston Cincinnati : Greg Ward

QB for the Cougars is cleared to play.  AAC conference action for Houston starts with this team.  Ward has dynamics that can not be replaced on the field.  An opening line of -7 has only inched to -7 1/2.  Part of this is the history between these two teams as of late.  Last three meetings have had combined winning margins totaling just 18 points.  Even when Houston was rolling and hosted the game last year, they could only win 33-30.  Bearcats have dominated this series until last year.  This has given the sharps plenty of pause to pull the trigger in this one.


Bearcats Keep it Close?

Decent win against Purdue has Cincinnati (2-0) performing well.  Short weeks tend to be great equalizers for home teams and those that are underdogs.  One cause for concern in this one is Hayden Moore.  He played well for him and got 250 yards and two touchdowns.  Alas, his completion rate clipped in at 19 for 32.  In the face of all the exotic and aggressive blitz packages that Houston can throw at them, will the lack of safe reliable passes be the Bearcats undoing?

So many trends one has to go against taking Houston – 7 1/2 but it is the right play.  Best defense that can just pin their ears back is the Cougar unit.  Little effort was given in their layup win.  This is their special season where they are trying to break the Power Five hold on the college football playoff.  They need a double digit win here and they will get it.  Burn the fuel now and worry about it later is the attitude in Houston.  Take Cougars – 7 1/2 in this one.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at HRWager.


Cardinals Giants : Key NL MLB Free Pick 9/15

Cardinals Giants : Key NL MLB Free Pick 9/15

Cardinals Giants

Big game to help determine the fate of the NL Wild Cards is the Cardinals Giants tonight at 10:15 PM.  Great to be in the home stretch as NFL football is here also tonight at HRWager.  Baseball is winding down so when we get two above average starters with plenty of reference stats for the entire season, we are going to hop on the train to profitville.  Combine that with the Giants worst 20-35 record since the All-Star break and it was amazing to see the ML on this one!  Where did it open and which side has the best value for this key game on Thursday, September 15th at HRWager?

Cardinals Giants : Both Starters

Middle of the road in their last three starts are both Wainwright and Cueto.  If anything, Adam of St. Louis has been performing a tad bit better in terms of better WHIP to ERA considerations.  Note is that this is thin.  Combine that with Saint Louis having a mysterious 43-28 record on the road gives one pause to ponder the line.  Oddsmakers set the price at the -150 level on the Giants as a home favorite.  Sharps have not budged this line an inch in the game.


Lackey Effect : CY Young Award Winner?!

So what does a Chiacgo Cub have to do with our pick?  Lackey absolutely owned the Cardinals in the day getaway game in St. Louis.  This is the result of his wonderful form going in and that he is on a very short list to win the CY Young for the National League.  Pit that against the Giants who got swept at home by the Padres.  Not only that but the SF bats were silent.  Used to be that the Giants could not come back from trailing in the 9th but now they can not even jump out in front at any time as of late.

Cueto and his contract was brought in to stop situations like this from unraveling for the Giants.  Wainwright has been his equal or tad bit better in the last three games.  ML for Cards is +140 level.  Our MLB Free Pick of the Day is for value on St. Louis to win.  Good fortune and we will see you later today here at HRWager.