2020 Super Bowl 54 Betting Matchup: Mahomes vs. Garoppolo

2020 Super Bowl 54 Betting Matchup: Mahomes vs. Garoppolo

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Patrick Mahomes is the current NFL MVP, and he’s the favorite to get the same award this year. Second favorite one? Jimmy Garoppolo.

But, to bet on which quarterback will be taking home, the top individual honors are just the surface of the matter when it comes to betting on these two accomplished passers.

Let’s compare the head-to-head between these two QBs in passing yards and completions to see where might be wiser to put your money on.

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Passing Yards Matchup

When reviewing the playoffs performances from these two quarterbacks, you need to give Mahomes a considerable edge in this department. The top passer for Kansas City has totaled an amazing 615 total yards through the air in the postseason, while his rival, Jimmy G, has a mere 208 total passing yards. The actual head-to-head is set at 67.5 yards favoring the Chiefs’ quarterback.

But, Mahomes will be faced against the team featuring the top passing defensive lineup in the NFL.

And, if the 49ers are going to get the victory at this one, then this franchise will need a couple of amazingly good big throws from Garoppolo to keep pace with the Chiefs.

During the season, Jimmy G was able to finish with 248.6 yards passing per game. Mahomes, on the other hand, was able to wrap up 2019 with an excellent average of 287.9 passing yards per game, which means a difference of just over 39 yards.

As per their own passing yards totals for the big game, Mahomes is currently set at 308.5 yards while Jimmy Garoppolo is at 239.5. Mahomes was able to surpass that passing total versus the Texans in the divisional round game, going Over 308.6 yards through the air in 7 regular-season contests (five of those in the first five games of the season).

When it comes to the 49ers, Garoppolo hasn’t been able to get close to this passing yards total in the playoffs, but he went Over it in three of his final four regular-season games.

On the total for the year, Jimmy Garoppolo has been able to break through the 239.5-point barrier a total of ten times, and now faces a Kansas City stop unit that currently ranks 6th in passing defense.

Pass Completions Matchup

Now, the head-to-head total for completions gives Mahomes a 6.5 completion edge over his 49ers counterpart.

The Chiefs’ quarterback threw the football a total of seventy times during the current playoffs, with 46 of those being completions, landing directly in the hands of his receiving weapons. With that said, in both postseason games, the receivers for Kansas City were faced with trouble during the first quarter.

The total completions prop bet for Super Bowl 54 for Mahomes is currently at 24.5, which actually is an Over/Under he hasn’t been able to surpass since Week 15 of the current season. Kansas City was able to cruise through rivals at the very end of the season and ran the football more with bigger leads.

Jimmy Garoppolo, on the other hand, has a completions Over/Under of 18.5. And the 49ers passer has been able to carry his weight in this offensive lineup with nineteen or more completions in 8 contests this current season.

The Chiefs have given up an average of 22.5 completions per contest in 2019-20 and completion totals of 31 and 21 in the playoffs.

So, do you think Mahomes is headed for a league title and another MVP award? Or will Garoppolo surprise everybody, earn the MVP, and hand the Chiefs the upset?

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