Aftermath of Fight Night 91

UFC Fight Night 91


Fight Night 91 came on the heels of the organizations announcement that it was sold for over $4 billion dollars.  Good morning and welcome back to HRWager.  With UFC coming into a phase of transition, this is one of the first events after the news broke.  So how did the fighters do to place the onus back on the in ring product?  So without further ado, let us look at what transpired yesterday.

Fight Night 91 : “Hands of Stone”

John Lineker rises above it all.  He dispatched in furious fashion an opponent many more inches in height above him.  They do not call John the “Hands of Stone” lightly!  He pounded Michael McDonald and floored him twice to collect the knockout victory.  Sensing the momentum, he took hold of the microphone and announced that he was coming for Dominick Cruz.  Bantamweight division just got much more interesting last night.


Lando Vannata’s Arrival

Other big news involved a fighters first bout with UFC.  Not only was this pressure on him but the added exertion of being a step in with only three weeks notice.  There are some situations where a person acquits himself so well in the ring that he can overcome initial losses.  This was the case with Vannata last night.  Quickness combined with sheer moxy got him to win the opening round in his fight with Tony Ferguson.  Eventually he would be choked out to lose but Lando’s loss is very much contributed to a lack of complete preparation.  That little time made it hard to prepare for the submission moves.  He just ran out of gas and into the tap ending move.  Still Lando Vannata has the potential we like and should be an interesting fighter to rail or fade in his future fights.

Consider matches like those last night as scouting for the events ahead.  Go back and watch the videos if you missed the broadcast.  Not only entertaining but it will place you ahead of the curve when it comes to profit for future UFC PPV events.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at the HRW.




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