AL Wild Card Free Pick : Dual Dallas Diagnosis

The AL Wild Card between the Astros at the Yankees comes down to the pitching matchup.  Dallas Keuchel is the polarizing figure in this one.  As you judge how he does will color your inclination on whether the road favorite Houston team will prevail  Why is it that the New York as the underdog has the advantage in the viewpoint of HRWager.  Let us examine why a dual Dallas Diagnosis will get us to the profit land today.

AL Wild Card Free Pick

AL Wild Card Pick

Having a twenty game winner in your stable and able to pitch for your team is supposed to be a boon.  However, despite his stellar stats, Dallas Keuchel will not be up to Tanaka’s standards tonight.  For one thing, Dallas is very polarizing in where he pitches.  At home, he is near invincible.  On the road he has proven to be mortal.  Normally even this might not be a grand concern as he has held the Yankees scoreless over his last sixteen innings.  All of this pales in comparison to the final point which is :

Three Days Rest

Here we have a pitcher never having had to pitch on three days rest required to do so for the season.  The human body reacts oddly when stressed and excited.  Adrenaline courses in and causes a pitcher to over throw.  Early balls will be hittable by being high.  Now after that wears out, the balls will be coming in a tad slower.  This combination will put him at a level below the Japan playoff tested Tanaka.  Here is the edge that the books missed in bestowing Houston favorite status.

HRWagers Free Pick for the AL Wild Card Free Pick is the Yankees.  Take the home under dog and bring it to the bank.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at HRW’s Blog.


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