Alabama and Clemson Ring in the New Year

January 11th is all set as the top seeds advance to the College Football National Championship game.  Both Clemson and Alabama wore their opponents down in the second half.  While both were playing inferior opponents, they were so for very different reasons.  Happy New Year from HRWager and we will look at how these two teams exploited Oklahoma and Michigan State.  How will this lead us to more profit when the Tigers and Tide meet later this month for the National Championship?

Clemson’s QB

college football wrap up

A paper tiger Oklahoma proved to be in this one.  Running back depth was tested as their top two went down in this game.  However, the undoing came from the Sooner’s defense.  In their Big 12 final run, they did not have to face a starting qb in their last three games.  The Orange Bowl saw Clemson come in with their star signal caller and they got wore down.  Long drives and time of possession gassed the fitness level of Oklahoma.  Speed, power, and up tempo was too much as Clemson won by twenty yesterday.

Pale Shade of Winter

How Michigan State got to the Cotton Bowl was their undoing against Alabama!  Imitation is the best form of flattery and the physical pro style by the Spartans works against most.  The Tide is another creature as their program gets the best linesman because of the prep for the NFL they receive there.  MSU hung in for a quarter and a half but the body blows from Bama took their toll.  In the end, it was a blowout as LSU was the last team to beat Alabama at their own game 9-6 many years ago.  Since then, only the speed of the spread offense has been impediment to college football’s elite.

Now we have the undefeated Clemson Tigers as a touchdown underdog against the Tide. Jan 11th is just a short time away.  Enjoy all the New Year’s Bowl games today and come back to the HRW tomorrow.  We will start our coverage on the national championship game.  Good fortune and have a Happy New Year from your friends here at HRWager.

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