AP Top 25 College Football Poll 8/22

AP Top 25 Poll

Great thing with the AP Top 25 College Football Poll is the greater degree of transparency with their rankings.  Wonderful to see everyone safe and sound from the weekend returning to HRWager.  Today we look at some of the oddities that this polling has produced.  Bama at #1 and Clemson right behind is the safe path to go considering their title game matchup last year.  However, what were some of the votes that gave us pause?  Ability to see the future with the next big thing?  SO sit back and let us reveal what we thought were the greatest sins in the preseason poll for college football by the press.

AP Top 25 : Michigan Gets First Place Vote

Much like the coaches poll where the Vols got a single first place vote, this stands out from the crowd.  Both have reasons that are more valid for the situational than talent based.  Vols were in the SEC East which has a much easier path to the Conference Championship game.  Same sort of theory in Ann Arbor.  Michigan has a cup cake schedule non conference and should build momentum towards a perfect season getting into their few key games.  Big 12 winner should get into the college football playoff system and the person from the LA Daily News has to be basing his vote on that.  No way the Wolverines have that much talent in year two of Harbaugh but the schedule is very friendly towards a good run in 2016.

Notre Dame Gets a Second Place Vote

This on the other hand defies almost all rhyme and reason.  Tough schedule.  Injuries, suspensions, and other odd events in South Bend have this team set up for a decent but not special season.  So why does this writer with a West Virginia affiliation have Notre Dame as second in his poll.  We can not figure it out.  Any team that visits Texas and is thought of this high by someone should not be only a three to four point favorite.  Pure twilight zone material with his voting the Irish at second.

Another poll with most of it right but a few vulnerable points.  This is the allure at betting with HRWager.  We have some lines that just dont make sense.  Bet against us and prove that your sports wisdom is superior.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at the HRW.


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