ATP News : Under the Skin of Novak

ATP News and the attempted buzz kill from the world’s #1 player was going to be the headliner for the week but something on came out of the final.  Find out what happened in his last two matches that had the over whelming US Open favorite giving hope that profitable underdog wagering has returned to men’s tennis.  Read on here at HRWager for the latest on the road to the upcoming US Open.

ATP News : Odd Aroma

Jeremy Chardy was not providing enough of a distraction as Novak dispatched him in the semi’s.  During the atch he took to task the chair umpire about a distinctive odor emitting from the stands.  He narced out someone in the crowd that was getting their buzz on provided by marijuana.  To the point of getting dizzy says the man who credits purifying his body as one of the reasons he stays on top.  The no gluten, donkey cheese fueled star said that all week people were really enjoying life around the courts.  Here is a video thoughtfully provided by a poster that has Novak opining this.

Uh Oh Here Comes Andy

Facing an eight match losing streak, Andy Murray used all of the distractions to fight vanquish Novak.  Now the #2 ranked player in the world, the Brit looks like none of the effects of his track back are with him.  For one day, the implosions of Andy propelled him instead of plummeting him in the match.  It was not that Novak did not have his chances.  A half of a dozen break points he could have collected but Andy took them away instead of surrendering them in past fashion.  He has not played this well since he had team with Lendl at the helm.  The scene of the first Grand Slam victory might be a repeat of his past triumph.

So now HRWager clients, there is hope on the horizon that crave wagering on underdogs.  We have a new candidate in Andy Murray that will sport a reasonable price for his US Open future.  Yes the price has gone down but not compared to the value in the bet.  It has good potential of coming through and we recommend making this part of your sport’s investment.  Good fortune in this as we kick up our US Open coverage here at HRWager.


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