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2020 Super Bowl 54 Betting Matchup: Mahomes vs. Garoppolo

2020 Super Bowl 54 Betting Matchup: Mahomes vs. Garoppolo

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Patrick Mahomes is the current NFL MVP, and he’s the favorite to get the same award this year. Second favorite one? Jimmy Garoppolo.

But, to bet on which quarterback will be taking home, the top individual honors are just the surface of the matter when it comes to betting on these two accomplished passers.

Let’s compare the head-to-head between these two QBs in passing yards and completions to see where might be wiser to put your money on.

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Passing Yards Matchup

When reviewing the playoffs performances from these two quarterbacks, you need to give Mahomes a considerable edge in this department. The top passer for Kansas City has totaled an amazing 615 total yards through the air in the postseason, while his rival, Jimmy G, has a mere 208 total passing yards. The actual head-to-head is set at 67.5 yards favoring the Chiefs’ quarterback.

But, Mahomes will be faced against the team featuring the top passing defensive lineup in the NFL.

And, if the 49ers are going to get the victory at this one, then this franchise will need a couple of amazingly good big throws from Garoppolo to keep pace with the Chiefs.

During the season, Jimmy G was able to finish with 248.6 yards passing per game. Mahomes, on the other hand, was able to wrap up 2019 with an excellent average of 287.9 passing yards per game, which means a difference of just over 39 yards.

As per their own passing yards totals for the big game, Mahomes is currently set at 308.5 yards while Jimmy Garoppolo is at 239.5. Mahomes was able to surpass that passing total versus the Texans in the divisional round game, going Over 308.6 yards through the air in 7 regular-season contests (five of those in the first five games of the season).

When it comes to the 49ers, Garoppolo hasn’t been able to get close to this passing yards total in the playoffs, but he went Over it in three of his final four regular-season games.

On the total for the year, Jimmy Garoppolo has been able to break through the 239.5-point barrier a total of ten times, and now faces a Kansas City stop unit that currently ranks 6th in passing defense.

Pass Completions Matchup

Now, the head-to-head total for completions gives Mahomes a 6.5 completion edge over his 49ers counterpart.

The Chiefs’ quarterback threw the football a total of seventy times during the current playoffs, with 46 of those being completions, landing directly in the hands of his receiving weapons. With that said, in both postseason games, the receivers for Kansas City were faced with trouble during the first quarter.

The total completions prop bet for Super Bowl 54 for Mahomes is currently at 24.5, which actually is an Over/Under he hasn’t been able to surpass since Week 15 of the current season. Kansas City was able to cruise through rivals at the very end of the season and ran the football more with bigger leads.

Jimmy Garoppolo, on the other hand, has a completions Over/Under of 18.5. And the 49ers passer has been able to carry his weight in this offensive lineup with nineteen or more completions in 8 contests this current season.

The Chiefs have given up an average of 22.5 completions per contest in 2019-20 and completion totals of 31 and 21 in the playoffs.

So, do you think Mahomes is headed for a league title and another MVP award? Or will Garoppolo surprise everybody, earn the MVP, and hand the Chiefs the upset?

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Super Bowl 54 MVP Props: Mahomes and The Other Favorites

Super Bowl 54 MVP Props: Mahomes and The Other Favorites

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The Chiefs are ready to fight with the 49ers for the title at Super Bowl LIV, and that means lots and lots of props!

These proposition bets, of course, include whom bettors believe will earn the Super Bowl MVP honors.

Super Bowl MVP Props: The Favorites

Let’s check out who the favorites are to win the Most Valuable Player award at the Super Bowl:

Patrick Mahomes:

He’s the current league MVP, and now that he’s fully healthy, he has the most chances of earning these honors this year.

The starting quarterback for Kansas City is currently completing 66% of his passes for 615 yards, eight touchdowns, and zero interceptions in the playoffs.

Jimmy Garoppolo:

Quarterbacks are always the favorites to earn MVP, and in this case, Jimmy G is second to Mahomes when it comes to the player with the best odds to win the Super Bowl MVP.

Yes, Garoppolo has shown some brilliance this season, but he hasn’t been the same since his amazing performance versus the Saints at Week 14.

And so this lack of consistency has forced head coach Kyle Shanahan to focus more on the run game than in the throwing abilities by Garoppolo.

Indeed, Jimmy G is going to need a performance for the ages if he really wants to steal this prize out of the hands of Mahomes.

George Kittle:

Let’s start with the long shots, and the top favorite to get Super Bowl MVP in a position out of quarterback is Kittle.

This great tight end has enjoyed a fabulous season, with 85 receptions for a total of 1,053 yards and five touchdowns.

He’s also a phenomenal blocker and an integral part of the playbook for San Francisco. He has been quiet during the postseason, but all that can change if coach Shanahan decides to work with a game plan that actively involves the passing game.

Richard Sherman:

Apart from their offensive game, another path for victory for the 49ers can be their defensive game, and Sherman is a vital piece of San Francisco’s protective unit.

If there’s a team that can make life hard for a guy like Mahomes is the 49ers. If Sherman gets it, he will join the likes of Von Miller and Malcolm Smith as defensive players that have earned this sought-after MVP award.

Mecole Hardman:

This guy can fly across the gridiron, and he’s also a real elite weapon in the return game. The hope here is for a low scoring game, and a focus on Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce, allowing the rookie Hardman to beat San Fran over the top.

So, do you think Mahomes already has this award in his pocket? Or can Jimmy G or any of the other players come up with a superb individual performance at Super Bowl LIV and get it?

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2020 Super Bowl Live Betting Lines, Best NFL Live Odds

2020 Super Bowl Live Betting Lines, Best NFL Live Odds

If you think that Super Bowl betting is over once the game has begun, think again!

Now you can also get your action LIVE. And this means that you can make your bets according to how the game is progressing, allowing you to make bets as you watch the game. HRwager’s Live Betting system has the latest technology so you can bet real-time and not miss any of the action. Register now to get ready for the Super Bowl, make a deposit and get a 225% Free Play bonus.

Super Bowl Live Betting: What Is It

Live betting isn’t new, as it’s been around for the better part of the previous two decades.

Live betting is increasing in popularity, and it’s turning into one of the favorite ways in which bettors get their action, primarily the mobile-friendly gamblers.

The basic live odds that you will find available are the money line, the point spread, and of course, the totals.

We at HRWager will use the closing odds on a given sporting event, as well as any other late risk factors actually to set the opening in-game odds.

Those figures will always be on the move, sometimes for adjustment purposes, and sometimes will go completely off, to then make it back on the board.

More Info Before Making Your Live Bets

If you’re all about protecting your bankroll, it’s paramount for you to understand that live betting includes a little extra tax that goes beyond the regular -110 juice of a regular wager.

It’s also key to pay attention to the different in-game wagering limits as these can vary per sports, and also per sporting event.

And most importantly, when you’re placing a live bet, the odds can change suddenly, and your wager will be placed using the actual odds that are currently live for your particular betting choices at a given time.

This is because while you’re taking precious seconds to think if your wager is right or not, a lot of cash is pouring in on those odds, and the generated total risked money by players can be crucial to determine if such odds remain the same or are moved.

Factors that can determine if a given line moves are: the score, the time, the possession, the field position, and also any sudden injuries.

So, when you’ve finally ready to place the actual bet, you may notice a change in odds, and it will be up to you to decide if you want to play with those or not.

Super Bowl Live Betting: Quick Pointers

Now, not all games offer the option of getting live-action, but the Super Bowl, being one of the top mainstream sporting events on Earth, will offer the biggest menu of in-running options for football fans.

Chances are that you will find the in-play wagering choices you wanted, and also some exciting options you weren’t even considering.

Now, due to the particular scoring system in American football, games are mostly decided by the same margin of points: 3, 6, 7, and 10.

The current spread for the Super Bowl is 1 to 1.5 points with the Chiefs as favorites to win the big game.

And, since one or two points actually decide few football contests, this spread is not likely to stand still for live betting.

For example, if the 49ers score a touchdown starting the game, the live spread will move in favor of San Francisco, leaving Kansas City as the new dogs.

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Derrick Henry Free Agency Futures: Can He Land a Superstar Deal?

Derrick Henry Free Agency Futures: Can He Land a Superstar Deal?

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Derrick Henry, the most valuable running back in the NFL right now, will be hitting free agency in March, and the big question is: Where could he land?

Now that the season has ended for the Titans, it’s time to figure out where the future highest-paid running back in the league will be playing for the 2020-21 season.

Henry experienced three seasons light in workload, carrying the ball just 167 times per season on average. But that all ended up in 2019 when he ran the ball for a league-high 303 times.

You will find that many NFL franchises are not willing to pay as much for a player in a volatile, devalued position.

This player might have been the best RB in the NFL during the second half of the 2019-20 season, but the market for him is a bit reduced compared to other star players at different premium positions.

Derrick Henry Free Agency Futures: Have NFL Franchises Learned Their Lesson?

After the LeVeon Bell case, have pro football teams not taken this player as a cautionary tale to keep themselves away from lucrative running back contracts?

The Jets made this guy the highest-paid RB in the AFC conference last spring. And, he went on to average a conference-low 3.2 yards per carry.

Another case is that of Todd Gurley, who was the highest-paid RB in 2018, but who also suffered a knee injury at the end of that season, and never recovered completely.

Also, just prior 2019, Ezekiel Elliott signed up an even juicer contract with the Cowboys. And, although he was able to rush for 1.357 yards this season, his 4.5 yards-per-attempt was just above average. He wasn’t even picked for the All-Pro, and Dallas also missed the postseason with an 8-8 record.

David Johnson is another disappointment at running back, averaging just 3.6 yards per carry for the past three years. He hasn’t been picked as a Pro Bowler since 2016, and his Cards have not had a winning year since 2015.

All in all, a total of 9 RB’s are pocketing more than $5 million per year on average. And, none of those nine were present in the postseason this year.

What’s more, the number one running back for each Super Bowl team wasn’t even part of a draft. And, the franchise that features the NFL’s leading rusher has not won the Super Bowl this current century.

So, considering all the cases above, and the historically short shelf lives at the RB position, many franchises shy away from spending big cash on even the most successful running backs.

All He Needs Is One Team

With all things considered, there are 32 franchises in the league, and Henry needs the approval of one. But, he needs such a team to be both desperate for a superstar, and also cap-rich.

And, with the cap to be near the $200 million in 2020, the chances are that somebody will figure it’s worth it to spend big money on Henry.

Those who are planning on investing in this RB probably believe that there are more chances that he’ll pick up where he left in 2019, instead of going the Elliott/Bell/Gurley route.

So, which team do you think will end up with the services of Henry after the next NFL free agency is over?

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Chiefs vs. 49ers Betting Odds, Super Bowl LIV Early Betting Odds

Chiefs vs. 49ers Betting Odds, Super Bowl LIV Early Betting Odds

The current NFL season is about to end, with only just one game left: Super Bowl LIV. Here we will discuss the Super Bowl betting odds and matchup for this exciting game.

The Chiefs, who finished the regular season with a 12-4 record, defeated the Titans, win the AFC title, and are advancing to the Super Bowl as favorites, guided by coach Andy Reid.

The 49ers, on the other hand, finished the regular season with a 13-3 record, and are advancing to the Super Bowl after getting the NFC title thanks to a victory over the Packers.

Super Bowl Early Odds

  • San Francisco 49ers +1-110, O54-110, Ev
  • Kansas City Chiefs -1-110, U54-110, -120

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Kansas City Chiefs Betting Odds:

The Chiefs are opening as short -1 point favorites. And, although last year the opening line went from favoring the Rams to the Patriots, this time, Kansas is expected to hold on their favorite label until the actual game starts.

What’s interesting is that none of these teams were the favorites to win Super Bowl LIV when the season started.

The Chiefs opened at around +600, dropping to +1400 when Mahomes suffered a knee sprain. And the 49ers were labeled even worse, as they began as low as +4000 dogs.

Super Bowl LIV Matchup

This is the game where strength meets strength on both sides of the field.

It’s the best league offense by the Chiefs, versus the best league defense by the 49ers.

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On the other hand, Kansas City has shown a porous defense against rushers, and Jimmy G has struggled a bit in obvious passing situations.

With that said, the good news for San Francisco is the return of George Kittle and Emmanuel Sanders to action, both of whom have sparked the 49ers’ passing offense.

But, compared to Mahomes, Jimmy G is inexperienced in the postseason.

However, the Chiefs have found it hard to win when they’ve been unable to protect their quarterback. So, if the 49ers want to win, they will need to focus on handling Mahomes all the sacks they can.

Super Bowl LIV Betting Trends / Stats

Kansas City is now a team that is 10-4-1 across the spread when they’ve been listed as favorites this current season.

They have managed to cover their spreads by an average of 9.8 points per game in what’s now an 8-game winning streak.

The defensive lineup by the Chiefs currently ranks sixth in the league in red-zone touchdown percentage, and they also rank tenth in rivals third-down conversion rate.

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When it comes to the 49ers, they are awesome on third downs, but they struggle horribly to convert red-zone chances into touchdowns.

San Francisco is currently 5-0 across the spread when they’ve been listed as dogs this current season, and are also 6-2 across the spread as a road team.

The Chiefs are the flashier franchise of the two, and chances are that the crowd present in Miami will be more prone to support Kansas City.

The 49ers are just 2-5 across the spread when they’ve faced a rival that is on equal rest.

The Chiefs are 6-2 across the spread as a road team, or at neutral stadiums.

KC is also 9-4-1 ATS following a victory.

Do you think the Chiefs can take this one as favorites, or will the 49ers steal the MVP glory from Mahomes and crown themselves champs?

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WTA 2020 Australian Open Betting Odds: Can Osaka Defend Title?

WTA 2020 Australian Open Betting Odds: Can Osaka Defend Title?

22-year-old Naomi Osaka is the current women’s singles Australian Open champion, and she’s ready to defend her title in an attempt to get two trophies in a row.

The Japanese will be facing Rogers Cup semifinalist Marie Bouzkova, and she probably feels quite empowered as she was able to reach the Brisbane International semifinals.

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Odds To Win 2020 Women’s Australian Open – All In

  • Serena Williams +400
  • Naomi Osaka +600
  • Ashleigh Barty +700
  • Simona Halep +800
  • Karolina Pliskova +900
  • Madison Keys +1500
  • Petra Kvitova +1500
  • Elina Svitolina +2000

*Odds subject to change

That tourney was quite positive for Osaka, looking very strong during the full event, where she was able to defeat Sofia Kenin, Kiki Bertens, and Maria Sakkari, she was eventually defeated by Karolina Pliskova.

She also finished last year in a great form as she won both the China Open and the Japan Open.

When it comes to Bouzkova, her first opponent, she didn’t start 2020 very well. She was able to qualify for the Brisbane International but fell to Madison Keys in the first round.

Then she experienced an abysmal campaign at the Hobart International, failing to win a single match.

This will be the first time that Bouzkova plays the Australian Open, and she does not have an easy start, because she will be facing the current champ.

Australian Open Women’s Betting Odds: Osaka’s Hopes for a New Season

Osaka is the current third best female tennis player in the world, and she’s starting a new season with a new coach. Naomi Osaka’s odds are at +600 to win the Open.

She split with her previous coach Jermaine Jenkins last year, after a pretty awful defense of her US Open trophy. The Japanese player is now turning to veteran coach Wim Fissette to help her start the year with a good defense of her current Australian Open title.

She has already removed three coaches from her team, but she continues to trust Fissette, who has a great legacy of coaching Grand Slam champions.

Fissette had under his command the likes of former world number one Kim Clijsters, Victoria Azarenka, Simona Halep, Angelique Kerber, and Sara Errani.

While coaching Clijsters, she was able to win the US Open two times, and also won the Australian Open and the WTA Finals, returning to his position as world number one. Fissette was also the coach for Kerber when she won the Wimbledon trophy back in 2018.

This is the fourth coach of the season for Osaka, who started with Sascha Bajin. She switched to Jenkins and was temporarily coached by her father, Leonard Francois, until finally choosing Fissette.

Osaka is talented, as she became the first player since 2001 to have obtained two Grand Slam titles in the first two consecutive events of her career. If she’s ready to win, she will need to start proving her worth at the Australian Open.

So, do you think the Japanese have what it takes to get a new win at the Australian Open? Or will another favorite such as Serena Williams or Coco Gauff get the trophy this time?

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Best of luck!

49ers vs. Vikings Betting Odds, 2020 NFL Playoffs Betting

49ers vs. Vikings Betting Odds, 2020 NFL Playoffs Betting

The 49ers are opening as big, 7.5-point favorites to defeat the Vikings at Levi’s Stadium. The total is opening at 45.5 points for this game, and it’s important to mention that the total has gone OVER in 5 of the last six home contests for San Francisco.

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San Francisco 49ers Betting Odds

Thanks to a Week 17 victory over the Seahawks, the 49ers crowned themselves as NFC West champs, finishing the season with the best record, and earning them the first-round postseason BYE. The team finished the regular season with 9-5-1 ATS and 13-3 SU records. At 6-2, the ATS away record for San Francisco was way better than their 3-4-1 record at home.

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The great matchup to watch out for will be between TE George Kittle and the Vikings secondary. The Minnesota franchise ended up being ranked twelfth in receiving yards allowed to opposing TEs during the regular season. They just allowed NOLA’s TE Jared Cook to catch five balls for 54 yards. Kittle accounts for 26% of Jimmy Garoppolo’s passing yards this current season.

It’s also crucial to mention that while opposing offensive lineups managed to convert only 33% of their third downs versus the 49ers this season, San Francisco suffered a regression during the last three weeks, allowing rivals to convert 50% of their third downs, ranking 28 in the league on this metric.

49ers Injuries Report

The 49ers allowed 19 points per game during the regular season, and those figures went all the way up to 31 ppg during their final four meetings. And, a significant factor for this late defensive weakness was the absence of DE Dee Ford and LB Kwon Alexander, both have a shot at returning to action versus Minnesota.

Minnesota Vikings Betting Odds

The Vikings were underdogs versus the Saints by 8-points. Still, they managed to defeat the number three seed New Orleans 26-20 in OT.

A couple of crucial keys for this victory were the return of Dalvin Cook, and also Adam Thielen, who re-emerged as the difference-maker for Minnesota, allowing his team to improve his road record to 5-4 straight up and across the spread this current season.

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Before the game versus the Saints, Cook had missed two games and hadn’t been his best version since Week 13 due to a shoulder injury. But he seemed his old productive self against New Orleans as he rushed a season-high 28 times for 94 yards and two scores.

Versus New Orleans, Thielen used more than eight different targets for the very first time this season, finishing the game with seven receptions for 129 yards. This was just the second time in the season that Thielen managed to post 76 or more yards in a game.

When it comes to the Vikings as a whole, Kirk Cousins and the offensive lineup for this team has managed to convert ten of eighteen third downs, and three of the four trips to the red zone by this franchise resulted in TDs.

Vikings Injuries Report

Vikings have reported that CB Mackenzie Alexander is currently suffering from a meniscus tear, and he sat down for the wild-card game versus New Orleans; so, it’s still not clear if he’s going to be getting action versus the 49ers.

49ers vs. Vikings Betting Trends

  • The Vikings are 1-5 ATS in their last six games after consecutive ATS wins.
  • The 49ers are 3-4-1 ATS at home this season.
  • The Vikings are 2-8 SU and 3-7 ATS in their last ten games as an underdog.

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Ravens vs. Titans Betting Odds, 2020 NFL Playoffs Odds

Ravens vs. Titans Betting Odds, 2020 NFL Playoffs Odds

We’re heading towards the best stages of the current NFL season! Register at HRwager to place your bets and enjoy the best NFL betting odds and biggest bonuses on the web.

The wild-card games are over, and now we know which teams will be battling against each other on the divisional round this weekend. This includes an unexpected clash between the Ravens and the Titans after the Titans took down the Patriots! These two will be playing each other at M&T Bank Stadium, in what is going to be the 24th meeting between Baltimore and Tennessee, with the Ravens leading this series 12-11.

This is also the fourth time these two face off in the postseason, with their latest regular-season meeting coming on October 14, 2018, a victory for the Ravens. Their last playoffs clash was on January 10, 2009, with the victory also going for Baltimore.

Ravens vs. Titans Matchup

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The Titans’ victory over New England meant the end of a dynasty, and now they will be facing the quarterback that is set to become the replacement of Brady as the crowds favorite: Lamar Jackson.

But a victory of the Ravens is not secured, especially now that Ryan Tannehill is playing at an elite level. Tennessee will face their biggest challenge of the season in Baltimore, the team with the best offense, complemented by one of the top defensive lineups in the NFL.

The Ravens have a significant advantage: they are coming to this game after resting for a full week. This can be count almost as two weeks off, as Baltimore gave their starters the day off on Week 17.

Offensively, the Titans will do what they do best: focus their strategy on Derrick Henry, meaning that they will center on the rushing game. When it comes to their passing tactics, AJ Brown, Jonnu Smith, and Corey Davis will doubtlessly become the top targets for Tannehill.

The clash in the secondary can be quite interesting as Baltimore is very solid, having allowed just fifteen passing touchdowns during the regular season. The Ravens are also the team that allowed the second-lowest catch rate in the league. Now, just as Henry is the focus of the Titans, Lamar Jackson is the focus of the Ravens.

Jackson, a favorite to earn the MVP honors this year, finished the regular season with 43 completed touchdowns and compiled 1,206 yards.

There’s good news for Baltimore fans, as Mark Ingram, the other vital piece on the Ravens’ ground offense, is expected to suit up for this game as he has already overcome a late-season calf injury.

Ravens vs. Titans Betting Odds Breakdown

As stated above, it’s Baltimore, the ones that lead this series 12-11, having won 3 of the last five contests in the series.

Tennessee is currently 9-7-1 ATS this season, and this includes a 6-3 record as a road team.

Also, the OVER is 10-7 in games played by the Titans this season, including a 5-4 away record.

When it comes to the Ravens, the team is 10-6 ATS during regular-season games, including a 4-4 home record.

So, do you think Tannehill and Henry can defeat a solid team such as the Ravens, led by a game-changer such as Lamar?

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Saints vs. Vikings Betting Odds, 2019 Wild Card Game Preview

Saints vs. Vikings Betting Odds, 2019 Wild Card Game Preview

NFL playoffs are here and it’s time to enjoy the best NFL betting odds right here at HRwager. In this article, we are going to analyze the Wild Card game between the Saints and the Vikings. Get ready to bet on the NFL by signing-up now.

There’s growing excitement for the “Minneapolis Miracle” postseason rematch between the Vikings and the Saints this Sunday.

In 2018, the Vikings took away a victory from New Orleans with just a single touchdown play. it’s an undeniable fact that NOLA wants to get the win this time around to clean their faces after that embarrassing result from 2018.

The Minnesota Vikings are fresh and healthy for this meeting as they rested their top starters during their Week 17 loss to Chicago. Finishing with a 9-7 ATS and 10-6 SU regular-season record.

NOLA, on the other hand, didn’t rest anybody and took the opportunity to crush the Panthers 42-10, covering, and improving their regular-season record to 11-5 ATS and 13-3 SU. The Saints are only 4-4 across the spread at Mercedes-Benz Superdome this current season.

New Orleans Saints Betting Odds

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Despite losing two crucial pieces to their defense in Sheldon Rankins and Marcus Davenport, the Saints are relatively well and healthy for this wild-card clash. New Orleans managed to win 6 out of their last 7 regular-season meetings, scoring 34 or more points during six out of those seven. In their past three, they were able to score a TD during 80% of their trips to the red zone, ranking tenth in third-down conversion percentage this year.

After losing six games due to injury, it seems like Drew Brees is better than ever, and is also playing fantastic playoff-caliber football.

NOLA’s passing game averaged 265.2 yards per game during the regular season. Still, New Orleans averaged 282 yards over its previous three meetings. The Vikings’ defense is currently allowing 233 yards per game.

Now, the great matchup to watch out for will be between TE Jared Cooke and Minnesota’s secondary unit. The Vikings are currently ranking twelfth in receiving yards allowed to rival TEs during the regular season. Cook managed to average 71.6 receiving yards with 6 TD’s during his last 6 games.

NOLA ranked 9th in rushing offense last season. With Mark Ingram away from the team, Sean Payton decided to allow Brees to air the ball most of the time, with Michael Thomas being the top receiver. The rushing game is a compliment for this team and not their main offensive strategy.

When it comes to their defense, the Saints have allowed rival offensive lineups to convert 60% of their trips to the red zone into touchdowns on their last three meetings, but that is just 1.7 red-zone trips per game for the full season, an NFL low.

Minnesota Vikings Betting Odds

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After missing some time due to a shoulder injury, it seems like Dalvin Cook has been cleared out to play versus the Saints this coming Sunday.

This player is responsible for 53% of the Vikings rushing offense. Still, he has averaged just 36 rushing yards per game during his last four appearances.

Another player that has been designated as questionable for this game is RB Alexander Mattison, who is currently dealing with an ankle injury. LB Eric Kendricks may also not see any action versus the Saints due to a quad injury that kept him on the sidelines during Week 17.

When you look at the game logs by Kirk Cousins this current season, it’s clear that the shoulder injury suffered by Cook has had a significant impact. Mostly on the flow and balance of the overall offensive lineup for Minnesota. During his last three regular-season meetings, Cousins was able to average 190 passing yards with 3 TDs and 2 interceptions. During the four games before that, the player averaged a total of 258 passing yards with ten TDs and just a single interception.

It’s also important to mention that while Adam Thielen hasn’t been all that relevant since returning from injury, it’s actually Stefon Diggs who leads the Vikings with 1,130 receiving yards. Cook is the second top receiver, ahead of Thielen.

If Cook is able to play, he will be facing a defensive lineup that allowed just 92 rush yards per contest this current season. Only 79 yards per game over its previous three games.

When it comes to this defense, this is a team that thrives in the red zone. Rival offensive lineups have been allowed to convert just 44% of their trips to the red zone into actual TD’s.

Vikings at Saints Betting Trends

  • The Vikings are 1-6 SU and ATS in their last seven games as road underdogs.
  • The Saints are 2-10 ATS in their last 12 games as playoff favorites.
  • The Vikings are 1-7 ATS in their last 8 road games vs. teams with winning records.

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Tom Brady Futures Betting Odds: Will He Play for the Cowboys Next?

Tom Brady Futures Betting Odds: Will He Play for the Cowboys Next?

Tom Brady is currently facing a turbulent relationship with head coach Bill Belichick, mostly because New England’s offensive lineup is currently deteriorating day by day.

Plus, Brady has taken enough pay cuts, and he actually wants to make more money, but it seems like the Patriots are not willing to make his wishes on this matter come true. And so the Brady wants out of the Patriots, and the final new destiny is definitely puzzling.

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Brady already put up his home for sale, and so a move seems inevitable. He’s 42, and he probably wants to put an end to his career with a big, profitable deal.

So, if the Patriots aren’t willing to give him what he wants, Brady knows that there are a few teams with big wallets ready to grow his bank account considerably.

Tom Brady Futures Betting Odds: Can He Go to The Cowboys?

Before facing Dallas in November, Tom Brady mentioned that “I’ve really not liked the Cowboys since coming out of the womb.”

But now, the host of the popular “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” radio show is predicting that Brady will end up wearing the Cowboys jersey next season.

Even though the star quarterback shows a dislike for the Texan organization, these are the reasons Cowherd gives for Brady to move his family to Dallas next year:

  • Brady will not go to a franchise with a consolidated QB.
  • He will also avoid going to a team with a bottom -10 offensive line.
  • Another team that doesn’t count on reliable receiving players.
  • He will also avoid teams with coaches that have never won a division title.
  • He’s definitely not going to a team belonging to a small market.

Since the Steelers count with Big Ben and the 49ers with Garoppolo, a top option for Tom Brady to play the 2020 season is the Cowboys!

If this scenario actually materializes, it can turn into one of the most unprecedented free-agent acquisitions in the history of sports!

Will Tom Brady Betray Himself for a Better Paycheck?

Referring to Brady’s quote above, the player is a Northern California native, and he grew up being a 49ers fan.

Brady even attended the famous 1981 NFC championship game, where his childhood team defeated Dallas 28-27, thanks to “the catch,” an amazing, game-winning play.

After making the comment, the internet truly exploded with controversy, but Brady, as political as he is, immediately started praising the Dallas franchise, mentioning that he had a lot of respect for the Cowboys, and their great historical figures.

It seems like Brady hated the Cowboys immensely when he was a kid, but now it appears as if he’s willing to forget and forgive and start anew with a different franchise.

And so, will Brady end up in Dallas, as the starting quarterback? Well, when you consider the fact that the Cowboys granted Dak Prescott one of the best QB deals in the league, it’s difficult to believe that they are willing to let Prescott play second string to Brady…

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