Deposits and Withdrawals Help

There are multiple ways to fund your MyBookie account. All you need to do is review the information listed below and choose an option that suits your needs.

Should you have any questions during the deposit process, we’re here to help. Click on Chat with us, call Customer Support at 1-833-694-4268 or go to Contact Us



You’re half-way there!
Get your HRWager account loaded by making use of one of our options below:




Cash Transfers:

Cash transferGet in touch with our Customer Service personnel and request they provide you with Person to Person Deposit information. Minimum deposit is $100.00 and max is $800.00. Fees are also covered on deposits of $100.00 or more.


bitcoinThe e-currency of choice! Fund your account with Bitcoin today; contact our Customer Service personnel and request the details to send in your Bitcoin deposit. Minimum deposit amount is $50.00.


ZPay is a fast, safe and easy way to send money in minutes. Log into your account and visit our Banking Center or contact our Customer Support Team for more information. Depositing with ZPay is quick & easy. Check out this tutorial!

Min: $50
Max: $2,500

Cash Code:

cash codeBuy Bitcoin instantly with cash. The easiest and quickest way to purchase Bitcoin at thousands of local stores nationwide.

Min: $50
Max: $1,000

Boss Revolution:

mobile cashSend money and top-up securely from your mobile phone. Our international money transfer service is easy to use and provides you peace of mind. The BOSS Revolution Money Transfer App is trusted by millions of customers every day to stay in touch, and send funds around the world.

Important: Bitcoin deposits require of at least 5 confirmations before they may be regarded as legit for posting. HRwager holds the right to limit any/all options in the cases where it deems as necessary. For additional deposit instructions or assistance please make sure to reach out to our Customer Service Department at 833-694-4268 or via Live Chat.


Ready for a cashout?

We understand just how it important it is for our players to withdraw their winnings safely, confidentially and in the fastest way possible. HRWager places the following payout options before you:



You may request your funds be sent back to your preferred Bitcoin wallet account, just make sure to contact our Customer Service crew and provide them with your particular Bitcoin wallet account information. Bitcoin payouts are processed without any additional costs. Bitcoin payout maximum amount is defined by previous deposit history figure.

Money Orders:

We may also issue Money Order payments, starting from $500.00 and on increments of $500 up to $2000.00; feel free to contact our Customer Service team and learn more about this method. Money Orders are charged 5% of request amount + a $50 shipping fee.

Important Payout Facts:

  • Payout requests must be submitted via telephone or via Live Chat between 9 am and 4 pm ET, Monday through Friday only.
  • Payout requests may at times require up to 30 days to be delivered.
  • Cash Transfer Payouts (Person to Person) will incur in a processing fee that varies depending on amount. Please contact our Customer Service Department for precise information on processing fees. Customers may opt for One Free Cash Transfer Payout every 30 days.
  • Bitcoin payouts are only available to those players who’ve funded their accounts using Bitcoin as well.
  • Our customers may request maximum $3000.00 in payouts every 30 days.

Withdrawal Policies

HRWager is always working to expand its payout options and to guarantee that payouts are processed and sent in the fastest speed possible. Make sure to follow the next guidelines for in order to guarantee the successful processing of your next payout request:

  1. Payouts must be requested Monday through Wed, between 9 am and 1 pm ET. We may not receive payout requests outside the described time frame. Our customers must contact our Customer Service Department at 1-833-694-4268 or contact us via Live Chat in order to submit their request.
  2. Our Processing Department may request particular identity documentation in order to validate a payout, or in the cases where the account holder’s identity cannot be otherwise confirmed. This information may include copies of valid identification, utility bill (for address verification purposes) and/or copy of our Authorization Form for those accounts with a history of Credit Card deposits. HRWager reserves the right to request additional documentation to verify account information.
  3. Deposits made with E-Wallets are subject to a 21-business day hold prior to any account withdrawals.
  4. Bitcoin payouts are restricted to the amount previously deposited by the customer into his/her account. No exceptions are allowed.
  5. Our customers are entitled to One Free Payout every 30 days. This option is only available for Money Order Withdrawls. Bitcoin payouts are charged a 2% processing fees.
  6. Our customers are expected to fulfill any pending rollover requirements for bonuses/promotions received before any payouts may be processed out. If you’re unsure as to your current rollover goal standings please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department.
  7. Customers are expected to wager their entire deposit amounts before any payouts may be approved and processed on first instance. Management holds to right to impede the processing of any payout in the cases it deems to be in violation of our Action requirement or any other security policy.
  8. HRWager may find it necessary to divide large payout figures into smaller installments in the cases where payout processor limitations may restrict us. HRWager will make sure to inform players about any such provision and within the shortest time frame feasible.
  9. Payout requests may at times require up to 30 days to be delivered.

HRWager reserves the right, in its total discretion, to void any payout request in your account under any of the following circumstances:

  • If you provide false and or misleading information used to open your account. When registration information is discovered to be incorrect or misleading.
  • If you are not of legal age in the jurisdiction where you reside.
  • If you reside in a jurisdiction, where law prohibits the use and participation of such games.
  • If you have allowed or permitted (purposely or not) another party to play on your account.
  • If you have reversed or charged back any of your deposits on your account.
  • If you are found cheating or if it is determined by HRWager that you have used a robot, system or machine, be it an additional computer, additional software or otherwise used to circumvent the natural randomness of our systems and or collection of data to or from the gaming server for analysis purposes during real money play. HRWager reserves the right to invalidate all such wagers retroactively, cancel the player’s account, and take any and all other appropriate actions.
  • The name on the account does not match the name of the beneficial owner of the financial instrument used to make the deposit.
  • If HRWager should become aware that you have played at any other online gaming under any of the circumstances set out above.
  • If you broke any of the rules stated in the promotional offer you have used.