Baseball Betting : April Strategy in the AL

Baseball Betting

Our quest for profit shifts towards baseball betting with April just around the corner.  Exploits are everywhere as both linesmaker and sports handicapper tackle the new landscape.  Teams lost players and others added many to their rosters.  Some players will age badly while others will ripen before our very eyes.  Today’s focus at HRWager is on the American League.  With the pitcher not having to hit, how can we tackle this dynamic early on to cash in on the first month of the season?

Baseball Betting : Big Bats

The designated hitter is the largest factor in one facet of wagering in the first month.  Here is the first rule of wagering for the AL in April

When betting favorites : forget the moneyline and go for the runline.

For straight wagers, it makes little cents and dollars to eat the chalk during the first month of the season.  Additions to parlays could be considered but the ups and downs are so much more initially that why not go for the extra profit for your wagers and spot the – 1 1/2 early on.

Underdog Betting

This should be the main facet to your plan of attack in April.  Forget about the ace vs ace matchups.  They are great to watch and perhaps go a half a unit to make it much more interesting but this should not be the foundation of your MLB action in the first month.  Go with  the second tier of pitchers.  Those that let in the long homer or whose strikeout to walk ratio is not what it should be are our bread and butter.  Feast on these occasions and wager underdog teams when they are not facing the ace of the favorite.

Now with this in place, we will attack baseball in April here at HRWager.  Follow our blog and see your sports investment portfolios bloom this spring.  Good fortune today and we will tackle the National League tomorrow here at the HRW.


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