Baseball Free Pick : Boston Cleveland 8/15

Baseball Free Pick

Almost even money is the focus of HRWager’s Baseball Free Pick for August 15th.  Boston Cleveland pits two teams gearing towards the playoffs.  Momentum for their 100 plus inning starters for this one is the key factor to examine.  Find out how the Red Sox are at -103 against the powerful Indians at home for the 1PM Monday start in this one.

Baseball Free Pick : Starter Momentum

Pomeranz vs Tomlin sees both starters a little worse for wear in their last three games compared to their season starts.  Pomeranz has control issues right now with giving nine walks in his last three outings.  However with a recent ERA of just over four, he is working his way out of most jams.  Same can not be said of Tomlin for Cleveland.  He has few walks but a WHIP of 1.79 equates to be being rocked up and down the order.  ERA over nine for his last three gives us the impression that he can not draw deep to extract himself out of jams.

For Our Money

Both teams are in the midst of playoff runs.  Tribe is leading the AL Central by five games.  Boston is in third but just a handful out of the AL East lead.  Both teams need this but Boston is in such a better position to get this done early.  They might not have the staying power for the entire game but over the course of the first five innings, the BoSox are the team to embrace.

1PM start means that you have to act fast.  Pull up the new wagering menus on at HRWager to get this bet in right now.  High expectation for profit can be derived from our first five inning ML on Boston.  Good fortune today and we will see you later on here at the HRW.


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