Baseball Moneyline Streak on Arrieta and Cubs Over

One of the best baseball moneyline parlay components finally saw its streak end last night.  23 times in a row Jake Arrieta would stroll to the mound and each time his team would come out with the win.  Good morning HRWager fans as we greet the new day by looking at the hangover in the Windy City.  We will examine how the Cubs finally lost an Arrieta start for the first time since July of last year.

Baseball Moneyline : Not Arrieta’s Fault

Dodgers score five and do not let in a single run last night at Wrigley.  Through six innings, he and Scott Kazmir dueled each other to a shutout standstill.  Both their games scores were over 75 which is considered stellar.  Notice how confident teams that are playoff contenders manage their arms.  Kazmir got yanked after six innings and 90 pitches while Jake made it seven with 107 pitches before he called it a night.  So it came down to the bullpens and for once it was the Dodgers that did not bring the gas can to the mound.

Thanks to HanzalKhan sports center for posting this on Youtube

How Happy Were the Dodgers?

LAD thought they finally had something when Jake loaded the bases with walks before working out of the jaw in the seventh.  8th inning saw Clayton Richard stroll to the mound and was greeted with three straight hits.  Final inning saw Corey Seager punch one out of the park on a Trevor Cahill pitch.  Too much to come back from and one of the more impressive streaks finally ends.

It was history in the making.  23 was the mark previously held by the Braves when Kris Medlen used to start for them.  Our crack statistical department is now combing through the labyrinth of baseball stats to bring you the next statistical streak for us to rail on.  Good fortune in your sports betting and we will see you later today here at the HRW.


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