Baseball Rankings for 7/20 : PC Revolution

Baseball rankings are hard enough to get people to agree upon a hierarchy.  How well can the AL’s Royals stand up to the league leading Cardinals?  Once one departs for the upper echelon, the fluctuation becomes even greater.  To gain a completely different perspective, we turn towards the mathematical dimensions to assist in our handicapping.  Without any further ado, here is how our models see the power rankings in baseball.

Baseball Rankings : The Centrals in High Regard

Computer ratings MLB










Can bias creep into our silicon systems?  The power rankings came out and we will give you the top ten.  You can see for yourself that six spots are inhabited by AL or NL Central teams.

1.  KC

2.  St Louis

3.  Pittsburgh

4.  Minnesota

5.  Angels

6.  Cubs

7.  Yankees

8.  Houston

9.  Detroit

10.  Dodgers

Devil is in the Details

First off the computer is of the opinion that the top two teams are far and above the rest of the league.  It adore every aspect of the Royals but downgrades the Cardinals because of limited offensive potential. In an oddity, Pittsburgh it has outside the top ten in both power and offense but near the very top in defense.  This was enough to put them at third when balanced with their record.  An illumination to our wagering purposes takes hold with the #9 team in the league, the Detroit Tigers.

Detroit is the only team with a sub.500 record going into Monday that is in the top ten.  Standard mathematical models are at a loss at how the Tigers are underperforming.  Can this be capitalized on?  Selective wagering against them will pay off with plenty of profit.  This is the value of consulting with computer models.  We see how a team is looked at as something they are not.  Now is the time to profit at this starting tonight.  7/20 Free Pick Fade is the Seattle Mariners -107 at the Tigers.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at HRWager.







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