Basketball Betting : Lakers at Mavs 11 /13

Kobe still has trouble walking is the news out of LA for our basketball betting here at HRWager.  This omen leads us into the game where the Lakers visit the Mavs.  With a 7 1/2 point bulge on the home team, can LA (1-7) find some solace after losing to a late three pointer in Orlando?  The Mavs (4-4) grew up and got irked extracting revenge on the Clippers.  Which way will the winds blow to profit is going to be revealed right now here at HRWager.

Basketball Betting : Kobe Status


When your malady is best described in terms that it “just has to go away!”, one can not expect a swift recovery.  The wonderful athlete that was Kobe Bryant is disintegrating like Rafa Nadal before our eyes.  He has been in wars and asked his body to do the near impossible.  It has responded time and time again.  Only the effects of age and attrition have kept him down.  Now even if he can go, is it the best option for LA to have him on the court until 100 percent certain?  A sad question that has to be asked.  For our profit purposes, whether he is on the court or not does not really factor into it.

1-3 with One to Go

Five game road trip that can not be salvaged even with a win in Dallas.  Why?  Bryan Scott and D’Angelo Russell are having a spat that is turning into a war of wills.  The LA press is pointing towards the preservation of his job over developing young talent as the motivation of him benching Russell in mulitple fourth quarter situations.  Now the national press has picked up on it.  Invest the number two pick in the draft with a team that is going nowhere to pull maneuvers like this?  Got to feel for Kobe and maybe he takes this last game off.

Dallas is professional and on a roll.  This is one of those games in which you can not afford to squander.  The Lakers are in near open revolt.  Mavs take no chances and squash them.  No back door cover chances here.  Take the – 7 1/2 and avoid the Friday the 13th curse.


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