Best NFL Week Three Preseason Players


Longest audition of the exhibition games have produced the Best NFL Week Three Preseason Players.  Its Monday so let us play armchair quarterback here at HRWager.  Most playing time for the starters happened with the final week being relegated to rest and the last round of cuts for the season.  Now after seeing the stars and supporting casts, we have seen which players are ready to make a huge leap for the 2016 regular season.  Let us get down to the task at hand right now here at HRWager.

Best NFL Week : Future Quarterbacks

Three signal callers who already have starting gigs shone a degree of polish that we did not think they would have already.  Osweiler against the Cardinals was superb.  Winston in Tampa is clicking with Mike Evans which should be a potent fantasy combination.  Finally, Bridgewater was professional in grinding down the sad sack San Diego Chargers.  Kudos to all these three for the strides they have made are considerable heading into 2016.

Pity Demaryius

Usually quarterbacks make receivers and not the other way around.  Thomas of Denver has the load on the offense.  He saw the starter and his play calling go for six straight runs in the opening sets that were only interrupted by punting.  Demaryius played wonderfully but even he can not hope to keep his numbers up from last year.  Here is a consistently improving player whose stat line will not show it in 2016.

Defensive player that is ready to roll is Robert Nkemediche of the Cardinals.  We can see all the upside the organization did in drafting him in the first round.  Once he heals from those nagging injuries, the richer have gotten more wealth on the defensive front in Zona.  Good fortune to you today and we will see you tomorrow here at HRWager.



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