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Bet Baseball

Bet Baseball angle is strong for ESPN’s Sunday Night broadcast for June 5th.  The Giants are more than ready to go home but have this last game to conclude a ten game road trip.  St. Louis (29-27) is doing their best to tread water and position themselves for a wildcard run by virtue of being in the same division as the Cubs (39-15).  Let us look at where the bar was set, what direction the market has pushed it, and where we should invest for this 8PM game on Sunday.


Bet Baseball : All St. Louis

While not a dominant matchup, the market did open up at -136 on the ML.  Some overnight sharp action has pushed it to -145.  Part of this has to be the pattern of Peavy to not win many games in a row this year.  In fact, the Giants starter has not won two this season.  Peavy (6.34 ERA) is one bad start from losing his spot in the rotation and he knows it.  He has risen to the occasion with zero or one run allowed in three of the last four spots of his.  We take a lot of this with a grain of salt as the 4-0 win of his last time out came against the hapless Braves.

Down Four Last Time

Kudos to the Cardinals for hanging in there down 4-0.  Home team came roaring back yesterday to win 7-4.  A lot of long balls help St. Louis staunch the bleeding at home to just three games in a row.  The starter they are strolling out to the mound is glad that May is behind him.  Carlos Martinez (3.69 ERA) ballooned to almost a seven in a five game personal losing streak last month.  Issues of control were rampant as he yielded a dozen walks.   Last time out saw that number drop.  Pitching coaches say it just needed a mental mindshift and was not a mechanic related adjustment.

Market movement on the Cardinals appears to be correct.  Both starters are shaky but Martinez is the better option tonight.  San Fran is just ready to get home as the last game on this long road trip being at night does not help.  Almost have to kill time in anticipation of the flight out of there.  – 1 1/2 +155 on the home team is worth it.  St. Louis is hitting the long ball of a sudden and the odds of them winning by just one run tonight is low.  Good fortune with our free pick and we shall see you next time here at the HRW.


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