Betting College Football : Schools With Momentum into Week Two

Betting College Football

Big wins are important but not the end all for Schools with Momentum in terms of Betting College Football for profit in 2016.  Going into Week Two, what schools that were on the borderline leapt up from the pile to become tails for the next month.  Example, Alabama may have crushed USC but Georgia’s win over North Carolina might suit our bankroll needs better.  See which teams can still over perform against the spread going forward this season.

Betting College Football : Momentum Into Week Two

Indeed, Georgia’s win on the road over North Carolina was huge.  Nick Chubb had over two hundred yards but the Bulldog’s freshman quarterback dazzled and did enough to provide a deterrent from teams stacking the line verses them this year.   This is in stark comparison 52-6 win over the Trojans of USC.  With their brand name, pedigree, and time in the spot light for the nation to see, the Crimson Tide will be bet on no matter what the number by the public.  The spread on them against Western Kentucky will be so far off kilter to prevent an avalanche of one way betting that  the -28 1/2 on the Tide will make them a fade for the 3:30 PM game.

So Then Who Has Momentum and is Still Under the Radar?

Two teams performed better than expected and have those offenses that can work miracles.  Sorry, it is not Houston as the Cinderella of the nation also will have inflated odds.  Look to embrace the Washington Huskies and Western Michigan for your profit.  Both have explosive offenses that are capable of jail break moments against their opposition going forward.  Look for them to have great lines at Arizona (9/24) and hosting Stanford (9/30).  This is the pivotal year for Chris Petersen in his leap to a Power Five winner.

Momentum for the sports bettor is a tricky situation in college football.  Rampant success gets the ears of our oddsmakers up so soon.  They inflate the odds making the teams like Alabama into a fade next week.  Instead, he will miss out on Washington and Western Michigan this next month.  Embrace these two teams and see your bankroll bloom this September.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at the HRW.



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