Online Sports Betting- Betting Props

A prop bet is short for proposition. The online sportsbook suggests a possible scenario related to a sport or sporting event. Your job, as the bettor, is to choose the right outcome connected to that scenario or proposition.

What was once a very small part of an online sportsbook’s total handle has grown into a major betting category on its own right in recent years.

Props are big business these days at online books such as HRWager. They cover quite a bit of ground from daily betting options on the games to specialty prop options covering the biggest trending headlines from the world of sports.

A good example of a basic football prop is the first score. Will it be a touchdown or field goal/safety? These types of prop bet options are posted for every NFL game and a few big college football matchups each week

An example of a specialty prop is betting on a prominent NFL free agent’s next team. This could also cover the draft position for an elite college football player.

The bigger the betting event, the longer the list of props. For example, you might have Top 5 or Top 10 prop options for betting on a regular PGA Tour event. When one of the four Majors in golf rolls around, there will be an extended set of props covering all the action on the course.

The biggest prop betting event of the year is the NFL’s annual Super Bowl. Over the years, betting this single game has taken on a life of its own. Pages and pages of prop bet options are listed at the online books. The only limit is the imagination of the people responsible for setting the odds.

Basic props tend to mirror one another from one online sportsbook to the next. This allows you to shop the prop bet odds at multiple sites. Getting the best odds for which team scores first in a game lets you maximize the value of the posted odds for that particular prop bet.

Since every offshore sportsbook offering prop bet options online is free to get as creative as possible, avid sports bettors can actually shop for one-of-a-kind betting props.

For example, one online book might offer a prop option on a last place NFL team winning their division the next season. Another online book might post a prop for the OVER/UNDER on missed field goals in a game.

Bettors need to pay close attention to the actual wording of a posted prop. Two books may cover the same subject but one bet requires a YES/NO response while the other book turns the prop into an OVER/UNDER bet.

Prop bets are designed to add even more fun and excitement to any betting event. Yet, they can also play a significant role in your overall betting strategy.

Suppose you are betting that the Kansas City vs. Denver game is going OVER the total this Sunday. You might want to place a prop bet on Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes going OVER his number of projected touchdown passes in that game.

Combining game bets with particular prop bets is a great way to double down when your confidence level is ultra-high with a pointspread or total line bet.

Savvy bettors will sometimes use prop bet options as a hedge against their straight bets on the games.