Online Sports Betting- Betting Teasers

The basic parlay bet groups together two or more teams into one single pick at a higher overall return. In order to win a parlay bet, all the combined plays must be correct. The only exception is a PUSH on a play. That simply reduces the parlay by one game.

When you are betting a parlay, you use the pointspread posted at the online sportsbook where the bet will be placed. A very popular alternative parlay option at HRWager online sportsbook is known as a ‘Teaser Bet.’

A teaser bet is a parlay with adjusted points on the spread in your favor. In other words, you get to tease the betting lines to make the entire parlay easier to hit. The overall payout will be less than standard parlay odds but a teaser bet has a much higher win probability.

Teaser bets are geared towards the pointspread for football and basketball games. The adjustments to the actual betting line tend to mirror scoring increments such a touchdown and one-point conversion kick for football. They mirror two-point or three-point buckets for basketball.

The following is an example for a two-team NFL teaser bet.

In the first game, you want to bet the Green Bay Packers as six-point home favorites against the Chicago Bears. In the second game, you are looking to bet the Dallas Cowboys as three-point home favorites against the Philadelphia Eagles.

These are the current pointspreads for the two games at the online book where the bet will be placed.

The teaser aspect of the bet is tied to total point moves. Betting a 6-point teaser moves the Green Bay line six points in your favor. You now have the Packers straight-up against the Bears. You also have the Cowboys plus three points in the other half of the bet.

You could also improve your overall chances to win by playing a seven-point teaser with the same two teams. This would give you Green Bay +1 against Chicago and Dallas +4 against Philadelphia.

You still need to win both games with the adjusted spread to collect on this bet. Depending on the online book, a PUSH in either game would be graded as a loss.

As a general rule, most football teaser plays with move the spread by 6, 6 ½ or 7 points in your favor. Some online books will offer higher point moves from 10 to 13 points. These are known as Sweetheart Teasers.

The catch with betting teasers at higher point moves is the number of combined games play. Most online books will offer Sweetheart Teasers on parlay picks from four to six teams.

You can also play teasers for basketball games by moving the spread in your favor by 4, 4 ½ and 5 points. This two can vary from one online book to the next.

Specific payout tables will calculate your actual return on any teaser bet. Here are the average payout odds for two and three-team football teasers:

2 Teams = 10/11 (6 points)   10/12 (6 ½ points)    10/13 (7 points)

3 Teams =      9/5 (6 points)    8/5    (6 ½ points)      7/5   (7 points)

The average payouts for two and three-teams basketball teasers are:

2 Teams =      1/1 (4 points)     10/12 (4 ½ points)    10/13 (5 points)

3 Teams =      9/5 (4 points       8/5    (4 ½ points)      7/5    (5 points)

While the payout odds continue to improve with each team you add, the overall probability of winning that bet drops down lower at a steeper pace.