Big Boxing Free Pick for Cato and Canelo on 11/21

HRWager’s Big Boxing Free Pick covers the highest profile event in November for the Sweet Science.  The Canelo Cato bout was displaced earlier this year because of the Floyd-Manny mega bout but provides us with the perfect appetizer for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  So let us get down to the sport’s investment angle in this one to exploit to provide an even merrier start to all the holidays here at HRWager.

Boxing Free Pick : Classic Match

boxing free pick

Here we have an advanced in age Cato.  At 35, some of the footwork and speed have eroded but first and foremost he was always about the power.  With that still in retention, he is a danger in the ring.  He was the former WBC belt holder but declined to pay a $1.1 million dollar fee for this fight.  There fore if he wins, the title is in unclear waters.  He is the underdog in this one.  Our job is to decide whether his power gives him enough of a chance at near +240 to turn us a profit.

Counter Punching Canelo

As the younger fighter, speed is on his side.  This goes well with his counter punching ability as well as his in ring intelligence.  He can evaluate and break down the opponent well when curves are thrown at him.  Not much will be unknown on Saturday as he will have to use his slight height and reach advantages to stall Cato’s aggression.  Handicappers and linesmakers are both of the opinion that he is the favorite but not a heavy one in this bout.

HRWager has plugged the math just like we did in the Holm UFC upset.  Where Holly had value, Cato does not in this one.  He will not be able to catch Canelo unaware enough to stop him. Alvarez can floor him or go the distance for the win.  Too many paths to profit and thus we encourage our readers to go with Canelo in this one.  Good fortune to us all and enjoy the fireworks set to begin 11/21 at 9PM on HBO.

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