Big Ten Free Pick : Championship Edition

HRW’s Big Ten Free Pick for the championship examines an odd trend.  The last three underdogs in this title game have come away with the straight up victory.  This time around an undefeated Iowa is a +3 1/2 point underdog with little fluctuation in the line.  Just because it has stagnated does not mean that this is the truth!  We look at the dynamic factors and will pronounce for you today are free pick to plunder for the game on the 5th?

Big Ten Free Pick : Old Fashioned


Mistake free football can only propel a team so far unless they are in the Big Ten.  Iowas does not do anything great but rarely shoots themself in the foot.  MSU needed a miracle win against Michigan and got one themselves against Ohio State went Urban went brain dead in offensive playcalling.  With rushing, physical defense, and limited turnovers, the intangibles all go towards MSU.  Forgo the magic of a undefeated team or that quarterback just wins, one factor for this game will trump all.

Connor Cook

How MSU won without him at OSU is the mystery of the season!  However, they are here and this team has much more experience in being here.  The Spartans have been taking steps to get to the top for years.  Reign supreme in Michigan…check.  Beat Oregon….down year but check.  Vanquish Ohio State…check.  The logical conclusion to this journey is the college football playoff.  Iowa relies a ton on Desmond King for coverage so they can stuff the box with seven to stop the run.  Here is where an elite qb comes through.  With the pass to open up the run against Iowa is the path.

Easy game in this one.  MSU – 3 1/2 is cherry picking.  It is below seven so no back door cover should be in play.  So our Big Ten Championship Free Pick is MSU minus the points.  Good fortune and we will speak to to you later today here at HRW.


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