Boston Baltimore : Expert Pick for AL East Battle 9/19

Boston Baltimore

Always a little bit more exciting when scenarios like the Boston Baltimore game this evening come into play.  Division lead could be caught if the Orioles can sweep the Red Sox at Camden Yards.  Fantastic to see everyone back here for a new week here at HRWager. Baltimore had to rally but they won a close game that was also low scoring offensively.  Boston parades out Porcello who is not only 20-4 but is in a good stretch during his last three games.  Let us look at what the market is doing on this game and give you our Expert Pick for this AL East Battle for September 19th right now here at the HRW.

Boston Baltimore : Market Prices

Both teams need to win this series but for different reasons.  Boston does not want to open up a race that is finally getting some distance between them and the pack.  Orioles have not only the consideration of the AL East division crown but one of those two Wild Card spots to consider.  They can lost three out of four and still be in contention for those.  A sweep for either team is damaging at this point.  Orioles at home with Bundy on the mound stand near a +115 level ML underdog.  Market has been stable on this offering during the overnight period of speculation.

Head Scratcher?

Desperation is supposed to be a factor but look at the form that Bundy of Baltimore comes in with and tell me if Boston should be a road underdog here.

  1. 10 walks
  2. 1.70 WHIP
  3. 4.91 ERA

Now Baltimore has at least produced the run support necessary for him to go 2-0 during that stretch for Bundy.  So they need offensive fireworks to counter him being on the mound.  Porcello’s recent stretch as well as form over the course of the entire season makes this less likely.  Opener is off in this as well as the lack of movement in this.

Market is somewhat drier because of all the football action this weekend.  Use this to your advantage.  Boston is in an excellent situation to not only win but by a large margin.  Go with the Red Sox RL for that extra equity tonight.  Good fortune and we will see you later on here at HRWager.

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