Boxing Free Pick : Bento Ortiz Rematch on 4/30

HRWager has our boxing free pick to plunder profit from the sweet science.  This Saturday has the rematch of an action packed fight back in 2011.  A welterweight fight of the ages is going to be revisited on at 8PM on Fox.  With Andre Bento being a -175 favorite, can he finally dust Victor Bento in this return engagement.  Read here at HRWager to see how best to bet on this bout.

Boxing Free Pick : Digest This

We would like to thank The Fight Game Boxing for posting this highlight reel for this first affair.  It will give you a glimpse at how offensive boxing is still within the sport.

Past Form

Both fighters have something to prove here.  Andre Bento (30-4) took the payday to be the fodder for Floyd Mayweather.  He was made to look slow and somewhat lost in the ring.  Andre needs the win here for one last title run at the age of 32.  Victor (31-5-2) is in awful form.  He has resorted to fighting tomato cans in his last two bouts to stay in the scene.  A flirtation with Hollywood with Dancing with the Stars and a couple of movies has seen his skill set wane due to a lack of dedication.

In this one, the plan is simple.  Andre will have learned from Floyd to just stay away.  Bento is a -175 favorite because he is still in good fighting shape.  Victor will still have his power but little else.  What makes it doubly hard on Ortiz is that he does not handle adversity in the ring well at all.  Maidana he just quit after getting beat in the face.  Victor resorted to dirty tricks against Mayweather and actually caused the legend to KO him with an equally controversial punch.  Here there is plenty of profit to produce for our accounts.  Andre Bento is a much larger favorite than his -175 indicates.  HRWager’s Boxing Free Pick is Andre Bento to beat Victor Ortiz in their return bout.  Good fortune and we will see you later today here at the HRW.


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