Boxing News : GGG Steps Up and Unifies Belts

boxing news

Boxing news looks at one of the few constants remaining in the Sweet Science.  Since Floyd retired, the boxing world is looking for the next big thing to come along.  We have that savior that the masses have been clamoring for.  He has power, shies away from no one, and has an aggressive style.  His name is Gennady Golovkin and he dismantles opponents before the final bell sounds.  HRWager will examine what he did last night and hope that by following his fights that you get turned on to the profitable arena of handicapping boxing.

Boxing News :  GGG Knocks Another Out

There are records that one can tell that are propped up.  Fighters can make it near the twenty win mark without never having fought anyone of note nor power.  GGG has gone past this and more.  His (34-0, 31KO’s) is founded on facing comers from all corners of the world.  The one limitation is that he has such prowess that the top in the world are shying away from him.  He finally got David Lemiux who held the other portion of the middleweight titles.  Lemiux got in essentially no offense on GGG as he was on his heels all bout long.  Finally a flourish in the eight sealed the deal and scored the knockout.

Now we have the hero that the boxing world needs.  Cotto and Canelo are set to fight on November 21st.  If Canelo wins, Oscar de la Hoya said he would absolutely book his man against GGG.  While the fight in November will certainly be worth your wagering dollar, the GGG match with the winner would be the true fight of the decade and eclipse the Mayweather-Pacqiao fight in terms of quality.


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