Boxing News : Pacquiao Out of Retirement


Pacquiao Out of Retirement is what has boxing news trending world wide.  Good Morning and welcome back to HRWager.  One of the more flamboyant fighters in all of boxing history will once again put on the gloves.  Not only that but he has a date in mind for his comeback.  It is projected to occur by the end of this year.  Find out what possible dates and more about Manny’s comeback here at HRWager.

Pacquiao Out of Retirement : Possible Dates

Bob Arum broke the news that not only is Manny Pacquiao back but has one of two projected dates for his return.  October 29th or November 5th are the dates pegged as possible comeback days.  They had wanted to due October 15th but his duties as a Senator in the Philippines proved to be a conflict.  National budgets have to take precedence at this stage of Manny’s life.

Since Bradley

Last fight out saw Manny beat Tim Bradley.  Pacquaio proved he could still pack the punches but he put it aside to win the government seat.  Now he has worked out a schedule that would allow him to do both.  He is quoted as saying that he loves boxing so much and he misses it.  Knowing that he can still be productive in the ring must have been a sore spot for retirement.  Oddly, Bob Arum did not promote the Bradley fight because he suspected in his heart of hearts that Manny would be back.  Now that he is, Top Rank and Arum are back on board with Pacquiao.

No opponent has been named yet.  Adrien Broner was sought but wanted more money than Pacquiao.  He was quickly nixed.  Rumor mill has a trio of undefeated fighters leading the pack to fight Manny.  Look for names like Terrance Crawford, Keith Thurman, and Danny Garcia to be on the short list of possible opponents.  HRWager will bring you updates when the full fight is known.  Good fortune in your sport investments and we will see you later today at the HRW.



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