Bulls at Boston NBA Free Pick for 1/22

Bad time for the Bulls to have Pau Gasol show his age.  Good afternoon and welcome to HRWager.  We have a NBA Free Pick for Friday evening that plays right into the fact of attrition and identity crisis of the Chicago Bulls.  They have to go to Boston and then Cleveland right on the heels of getting the doors blown off at home by the Golden State Warriors.  Why did this happen?  How is Boston ready to make their move in this one?  -4 is what the Celtics open up as and we will examine which side of the fence your investment should be on for the game on 1/22.

Bulls Underdog in Boston

Bulls opened up at +4 against the Celtics for Friday.  Part of this is due to the fact that who knows what Bulls team will show up.  Defense is what will carry them against Boston but they are so loathe to return to the stodgy days last season.  Rose was the only one who showed up against the Bulls  Oddly enough, it is how they are going to handle the back up Boston center that may well determine this.

Kelly Olynyk Has Range

NBA Free Pick 1/22

His uptick in production has been what is keeping Boston afloat.  They are also in a defensive swoon as the effort has been lacking.  Kelly has produced on average nearly 17 points per game recently. Much of this has to do with him throwing darts down from three point land If he can continue to hit them or even go beyond the line, this greatly eases the offensive burden on the others.  This will create the space necessary for Boston to get easier shots  The Celtics lack a certain degree of creativity but in space they should flourish enough to do well Friday Night.

Pau Gasol went the bagel from the floor against Golden State.  He has done wonders in his age but can not stand up to concentrated duty in a condensed scheduled.  If he rests here than the Bulls suffer.  Trot him out and the same thing happens.  There are just too many ways for the wheels to fall off for Chicago in both Friday and Saturday’s game.  Boston effort pays off and they cover the -4 at home Friday night.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at HRWager.

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