BYU Utah : Holy War Free Pick 9/10

BYU Utah

One of the fiercest rivalry games seen has BYU Utah meeting one another in what has been dubbed the Holy War.  We wish to extend to all our family and friends here at HRWager a happy start to a long and profitable weekend.  Here the Utes have won the last five in the series.  What must be really a thorn to BYU is the way Utah blasted them 35-0 in the first quart of the Las Vegas Bowl last year.  How do the Cougars ensure that such a dismal start does not occur again at 7:30 PM on September 10th?

BYU Utah : Utes Giving Nothing Away

An odd game for trial and error was seen in the Utes’ 24-0 win against Southern Utah. Pass protection was there as they threw for over 270 yards and two touchdowns for new QB Troy Williams.  However, it was the lack of a run push by the offensive line that is the concern.  They could not create holes to run through.  Even worse is that the running backs seemed almost timid when the few chances to bolt into the blue presented themselves.  Without this staple of the Utes attack, the market has decided to react against them in this game.


Market Move on BYU

Benchmark opener of -4 1/2 has been nibbled down to -3 1/2 for the home Utes.  The sharps have taken heart to BYU’s lack of turnovers vs Arizona as a reason to embrace this team.  In their five game losing streak to Utah, the Cougars are a shocking -13 in turnover margin.  Without the penchant to self destruct, the tandem of Taysom Hill and Jamaal Williams will be too much to overcome. Their dynamics certainly trump anything the Utah offense can offer.  The pressure will be on the Utes defense all night to keep them in this one.

Home field advantage for Utah is usually pretty strong to factor in.  Not against BYU.  Cougars avoid the turnovers and win the battle here then the game is there for the taking.  Avoid taking the + 3 1/2 and go for the BYU +145 ML win instead.  Make sure to watch and wager the Holy War as it will be one of the better games in college football this weekend.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at HRWager.


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