Carolina and Denver in Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50

Defensive prowess and an offensive explosion describe the events for the participants of Super Bowl 50.  Sunday saw one team nudge their way in while the other blew open the door in grand style.  Even though Denver and Carolina took different approaches to get there, each are just that one final game away from becoming NFL champions.  Good Afternoon and welcome to HRWager.  Today, we will celebrate the accomplishments of both teams and see where the very early line has moved to with the Panthers and Broncos.

Despite Manning

Make no mistake about it, Denver as gotten here because of their defense.  Manning has gotten the equation that he does not need to make the miracle throws.  He can not these days as his passes lack tangible speed.  Instead it is their world class defense that does the job.  However, one should not get carried away with it.  They played a Pittsburgh team without Antonio Brown and New England with no running attack.  These limited attacks were fodder for Denver.  Now they have to gameplan around one of the more vibrant offenses in the NFL.

Carolina Learned

Another early onslaught by Carolina had them coasting early.  With help from an imploding Carson Palmer, the Panthers became business like and never lifted their foot off of the gas pedal.  No second half doldrums or letdowns.  A complete effort that saw 49 points on the board.  This is why the -3 1/2 opened up on Carolina and how it got down to – 4 1/2 right away.

Exciting times as we now wait for Super Bowl 50 on Feb 7th.  Stay tuned to HRWager as we bring the vital wagering elements right to your screen.  How can Denver hope to contain Carolina?  Can Manning muster arm strength for a possible final game and going out on top?  Tune in during the next two weeks for all the info imperative to your sports investment.  Good fortune and we will see you later today here at the HRW.


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