is Your One-Stop Betting Site for the Super Bowl is Your One-Stop Betting Site for the Super Bowl

The biggest single-day betting event of the year is right around the corner. The annual NFL’s Super Bowl pits the best two teams in the league against one another in a winner-take-all battle for a world championship.

Over almost six decades, the Super Bowl has grown to become one of the most heavily viewed sporting events in the world. This game has also grown to become the most heavily bet matchup in all of sports. The best way to make the most of this once-a-year opportunity is at online sportsbook.

This top-rated online sportsbook has made a name for itself as a global sports betting site over the past several years. has also built a very strong following in the US by catering to players in all 50 states.

Based in Costa Rica, has been able to separate its sportsbook from the rest of the pack by fully enhancing the entire online sports betting experience. When it comes to a major betting event such as the Super Bowl, the bar gets raised even higher through special promotions, contests and betting specials tied directly to the game.

Sports bettors register for online betting accounts at a typical online book. However, when you sign up at you become a member and membership has its privileges. This starts with a welcome bonus offer that is second to none.

Not only can you earn up to $1500 on the initial deposit into your new online betting account, you will also qualify for a 100% matching bonus on every deposit you make. Both of these offers come with some of the lowest rollover requirements in the online sportsbook industry.

As a member of, you can also take advantage of a generous customer loyalty rewards program. You can earn valuable points for your online sports betting activity. These points do not have an expiration date so they can be saved and redeemed for special perks such as free payouts or free bet credit.

Even when the ball is not bouncing your way, takes care of its members through a 10% Gamblers Insurance policy. If you end any month of sports betting with a net loss, 10% of that loss will be rebated back into your account at the beginning of the next month. This will give you a fresh start towards turning things around. offers a full range of contests and money pools during each and every football season. This carries over to the Super Bowl with a special Squares contest for the big game. Entries into this contest can be earned for free through added deposits into your betting account.

If you are looking for the best way to bet on this season’s Super Bowl, stands out from the crowd with value-added benefits that can extend your betting bankroll while expanding the number of ways to bet on the game.

Along with a full set of pre-game Super Bowl props, you can take advantage of continual live in-game betting options after the opening kickoff. As a member of, you can also take full advantage of the site’s online racebook for betting horses and the online casino filled with Las Vegas-style slots and table games. This includes 24/7 access to live dealer table games for popular options such as Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat.


Enhance Your Entire Online Gaming Experience at

Enhance Your Entire Online Gaming Experience at

Everything today is about the “experience.” Companies are going out of their way to create the perfect atmosphere for using the products and services they offer. However, have you ever stopped and thought about what the concept of “experience” really means to you.

As an avid sports fan looking to place a few timely wagers on your favorite sports or favorite teams, that experience starts with where you decide to actually place those bets. The choices in today’s marketplace are varied but it is clear that all online sportsbooks are not created equal.

Over the past several years, has worked extremely hard to become a top-rated global online betting site. Based in Costa Rica, this site has taken full advantage of its favorable business environment in this country to create an advanced online and mobile betting platform that can cater to US players.

Global in scale, has members all over the world. However, this site’s strong suit is the ability to service members is all 50 states. It does not matter where you are physically located, is available to take your bets 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Diversify Your Sports Betting Strategy at

That is just one of the ways to enhance your online sports betting experience. By becoming a member at, you will have fast and easy access to one of the most extensive betting boards in the world.

While every US sports league is covered with a wide range of betting options, this board expands out on an international level to include sports you may have never even heard of before.

The primary goal is to leave no stone unturned when it comes to diversifying your overall sports betting strategy.

Along with an extended list of available betting sports and sporting events, offers a wide range of betting markets for each one. Most of today’s sports betting volume still revolves around point spreads, total lines and money lines. However, more and more bettors are expanding into daily props, live in-game betting and exotics beyond the basic parlay.

The main idea is creating even more betting excitement in conjunction with all the action on the field, court, ice or track. The more diverse your betting strategy becomes, the more your chances to earn a positive return on investment will increase.

Betting $50 on a game is a win/lose proposition unless that game ends as a “push.” If you bet $10 on five different player props, there is a much higher probability of walking away with some extra money in your betting bankroll.

Diversify Your Online Gaming Strategy at

Another way that enhances your online gaming experience is by being a one-stop shop for all your online gaming needs.

Through one single online account, you can place a bet on Sunday’s big game, bet the daily race card at your favorite horse track, try your luck playing slots and test your poker playing skills all in the same day.

As a member, you will have fast and easy access to the online sportsbook, racebook, casino and poker room at This includes live in-game betting for sporting events, more than 100 different race tracks around the world, live-dealer casino table games and daily Texas Hold’em tournaments.

That is what you call enhancing the online gaming experience!

NBA Betting is Back at

NBA Betting is Back at

The NBA returns to its 82-game schedule for the 2021/2022 regular season. This adds up to even more betting action at from mid-October right through the best-of-seven NBA Finals in June of next year.

As a top-rated global online sportsbook based in Costa Rica, has been catering to US players for close to a decade. Through a generous promotional program, built-out betting board as fast payouts on payment requests, remains committed to making your entire online sports betting experience safe, fun and enjoyable.

The NBA has always been one of the biggest US professional betting leagues. There is nothing more exciting than betting on basketball at its highest level. This upcoming season should raise that bar even higher with a handful of elite teams battling it out for a world title.

The NBA futures odds point to a tight race between the Brooklyn Nets and the Milwaukee Bucks for the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference. The Philadelphia 76ers, Boston Celtics and Miami Heat might have something to say about that.

The Los Angeles Lakers are favored to bounce back from last season’s early exit in the playoffs to win the Western Conference. The Golden State Warriors are looking to return to their glory days as an elite NBA team as second-favorites to win the West.

Waiting in the wings are the Utah Jazz, Los Angeles Clippers and Phoenix Suns as three more contenders to win that conference title.

From the minute the Bucks won last year’s NBA title, started to build out its NBA betting board for this season with NBA futures.

Now that the new season is finally here, this board offers an almost endless number of ways to get in on all the NBA action on the court.

A few of the ways that separates its NBA betting board from the competition include reduced juice options on point spreads and totals, parlay boosters, competitive money line odds and a full set of game props for every matchup on the daily schedule.

This is one of the few online sportsbooks that offers a prop builder option. You set the parameters around any team or player prop you are looking to bet and will set the odds and book that bet.

There is also a wide range of options to bet any NBA game live. This is the best way to add even more betting excitement to the action on the court.

Live dynamic betting lines are adjusted during normal breaks as the game wears on. This gives you a chance to double down on previous straight bets when your team gets off to a fast start. You can also use live in-game betting odds to hedge previous bets when things are not going as planned.

Prop options for live in-game betting let you wager on the outcome of each team’s next offensive trip down the court. With live dynamic betting lines, the action remains fast and furious from the opening tip to the final buzzer.

The NBA is back and gives you courtside seats to make the most of all the action. Membership has its privileges at this online betting site so visit today and signup for a new online betting account.

Make your initial deposit and start taking advantage of everything this online book has to offer.

Bet the New NHL Season at

Bet the New NHL Season at

Hockey is back on the betting board in the NHL and is the best way to get in on all the action. This top-rated online sportsbook offers an expanded set of NHL markets to wager on all the games.

From money line odds to betting the daily Grand Salami, there is an almost endless amount ways to add even more excitement to all the action on the ice.

Based in Costa Rica, is a global sportsbook that has been catering to US players for close to a decade. As a top-rated online betting site, remains committed to making your sports betting experience both safe and enjoyable. is also committed to giving you a number of different ways to boost your online betting account. This is one of the few online books that has a matching bonus attached to every deposit you make.

Even when things are not going your way, the monthly Gambler’s Insurance policy offers a 10% rebate on any net loss over the course of 30 days. Transferred to your account as free bet credit, this is the best way to get a fresh new start to the upcoming month.

You can add even more free bet credit to your account through valid customer referrals. will give you $50 in free bet credit just for verifying the email and phone number tied to your online betting account.

As part of an ongoing rewards program, you can earn valuable points for your online play. These points never expire so they can be saved and redeemed for free payouts or free bet credit. For example, you only have to redeem 5000 points to earn a $25 free bet.

While offers one of the most generous promotional incentive plans in the sports betting industry, that is just one of the reasons why so many US bettors book all their action here.

The betting board at is the main attraction, especially when it comes to wagering on the NHL. Ice hockey may not be the biggest betting sport on the board. However it does offer quite a bit of value in its betting odds.

Since the NHL money line is the most popular way to wager on the games, makes a point of offering some of the most competitive odds in the industry. Why bet a favorite at -135 when you can get -125 odds on the NHL board?

The same competitive money lines can boost your return betting underdogs. While most other online books are offering a +105 return, you can get that underdog at +115 at

Saving $5 or even $10 betting favorites or making an extra $5 or $10 betting underdogs can add to quite a bit of money over the course of the NHL regular season right through the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

You can bet the NHL total line and puck line at equally competitive betting odds. offers a full set of prop bet options for every game. You can also use the prop builder tool to create your own customized betting options.

Live in-game betting is also available for every NHL matchup. Dynamic lines are the most exciting way to bet on hockey after the puck hits the ice in opening faceoff of the first period.

Learn How to Bet on Sports at

Learn How to Bet on Sports at

Today’s online sportsbooks are quick to take your money and set you up with a betting account. However, most books do not go out of their way to actually teach you how to bet on sports.

The marketplace has exploded with hundreds of new online sports betting sites and thousands of new sports betting customers.  While this is great for the sports betting industry as a whole, a bad experience by even one new bettor is not. has always taken a different approach to the way it runs its online sportsbook. Instead of being a new customer, you will become a new member at when you open an online betting account. As the saying goes, membership has its privileges.

Based in Costa Rica as a global sportsbook, remains committed to making your online sports betting experience safe, secure and enjoyable. A great starting point for this experience is a guide on how to bet on sports.

From a placing a basic straight bet on a NFL point spreads to dynamic lines for live in-game betting, is there to guide you every step of the way.

Even this site’s generous deposit bonus plan is geared towards your betting style and habits. There is a 100% match for high volume bettors looking to maximize their return. There are lower matching bonuses with low rollover requirements geared towards the recreational player looking to bet on a few of the weekend’s biggest games.

For sports fans that are new to the world of sports betting, has put together a “Learn How to Wager On Sports” section on its website. This can be found under the general “Betting” tab on the home page next to “Promotions.”

All the major betting sports are covered such as football, basketball, baseball and hockey. These four sports and the pro leagues they represent (NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL) account for the majority of the betting volume in the US sports betting industry today.

However, there is a wide array of other sports to bet on at That is why you will find how-to-bet tutorials for sports such as golf, tennis and auto racing on the site as well. The goal is to make you as diverse as you want to be when it comes to learning how to bet on sports.

There is also a comprehensive section covering the types of wagers you can place. While most sports fans are familiar with the concept of a point spread between the favorite and the underdog, there is a common misconception that this represents the probable margin of victory.

A point spread is nothing more than a bookmaker’s handicapping tool to help balance out the money bet on either side of a matchup.

This section of the website digs deep into full guides on betting total lines and money lines. You can learn how to bet parlays and teasers. There is a guide for if-bets as a money management tool.

Baseball run lines and hockey puck lines are covered in detail. You can even find a section that covers how to wager on futures and props.

Since also offers an online racebook, there is a wealth of information on how to bet on horse racing.

Before you spend one dime betting on sports, is there to teach you everything you need to know to be successful.

Build Your Own NFL Props at

Build Your Own NFL Props at


As a top-rated online sportsbook, is always looking for new and innovative ways to add even more betting action to the games. Given just how popular betting on props for NFL games has become, this top flight online book offers the prop builder tool.

Along with a long list of scoring, team and player props for every NFL game, you also have the ability to create your own prop bet options through this unique feature.

Simply enter all the parameters tied to the prop and will set the betting odds. For example, if you want to wager on the OVER/UNDER of Tom Brady pass completions of 10 or more yards in this Sunday’s game, you can use the prop builder to get odds for that prop bet.

When it comes to betting NFL props at, the only limit is your imagination. This is just another way this online sportsbook sets itself apart from the competition. For more than a decade, as been catering to US players. From a generous promotional bonus plan to convenient banking options, the pros at know exactly what today’s avid sports bettor is looking for.

Bonus offers on every deposit into an online betting account are geared toward both weekend warriors looking to bet Sunday’s big game as well as the high volume action junkies looking to be on everything under the sun.

Lower matching bonuses come with low rollover requirements. Even if you opt for the full 100% match on a deposit amount, the rollover requirement is capped at 10x. also prides itself on easy to use banking options to fund your online account and request withdrawals. Bitcoin is accepted for all banking transactions as the safest, easiest and fastest way to move money in and out of your betting account.

The betting board itself is the featured highlight of this online book. The addition of the prop builder tool expands your betting options for every major betting sport. The NFL leads the way as the biggest betting league. However, you can create your own props for a wide array of sports and sporting events.

Another way that can enhance the entire football season is through various contests and money pools. Tied to weekly deposit amounts into your account, entries are free into the NFL Weekly Squares contest or the NFL 33 Club.

The NFL Weekly Squares offers a halftime and final score prize for the featured game of the week. The halftime winner receives a free bet credit for half of the largest deposit that week. The grand prize winner for the final score receives credit for the entire deposit amount.

The NFL 33 Club gives you the opportunity to win $333 in free bet credit. If your designated team scores exactly 33 points in that week’s game (win or lose), your account will be credited for $333.

It all adds up to non-stop betting excitement at this football season and all year long. Custom props, easy banking, generous bonus offers and ongoing weekly contests make the clear choice among today’s active sports bettor.

Signing up is as easy as filling out the on-site registration form. Choose a convenient way to fund your new betting account and you can get in on all the action for the next round of NFL games.


Betting Competitive College Football Money Lines at

Betting Competitive College Football Money Lines at


College football is back and so is betting the games at online sportsbook. As one of the most respected online sports betting sites in the US industry, remains committed to making your online betting experience safe and enjoyable.

With a full board of betting lines and odds for the games, college football money lines are quickly becoming a popular way to bet on the games.

The money line is based on a straight-up result in any head-to-head matchup. There is a higher financial risk associated with betting on the favorite. Betting underdogs on the college football money line offers a higher return.

HR Wager’s Lineup of Bonus Offers for Football Season

In most cases, the money line for the favorite is designated by a minus (-) sign in front of the number. If the money line odds for the favorite is -135, this means you need to wager $135 to win $100. If you wanted to win $10, you would need to put up $13.50.

The plus sign in front of the money line for the underdog signals the potential return. If the line was set at +125, you could win $125 on a $100 bet if the underdog pulls off the straight-up upset.

What makes betting college football money lines so lucrative at is competitive betting odds. In most cases, there is a lower risk for betting favorites and a higher return for betting underdogs at this online sports betting site. goes out of its way to earn your business every day of the year. When football season rolls around, it ups the ante with generous bonus offers, free contests tied to weekly deposits and competitive betting lines with reduced juice options for point spread and total line bets.

Betting football money lines is part of that mix and a great way to diversify any betting strategy. Upsets are a huge part of college football, especially between two evenly matched teams.

For example, if Michigan was a three-point home favorite against Michigan State in that classic Big Ten showdown, the Wolverines’ money line odds might be set at -155. This means you would have to risk $155 to win $100 betting the favorite.

Best running promotions in the sports wagering industry

The money line odds for Michigan State might be $135. This means you would win $135 on $100 wager if the Spartans pull off the road upset. Instead of taking the three points and paying the standard 10% juice on that bet, you can make an extra 35% return by betting the game SU.

To sweeten the deal even more, may tweak those money line odds a bit. You might bet able to get Michigan at -150 to shave off some of the added risk. Saving and extra $5 may not sound like a lot of money but it is going to add up over the course of the entire college football season.

If you are looking to bet underdogs, you might be able to get Michigan State at +140 on a money line wager. Once again, an extra $5 on winning bets can add up over the course of the college football regular season schedule and postseason bowl games.

For close to a decade, there are any number of reasons why US sports bettors have turned to for all their betting action. Do yourself a favor and check out this top-rated online betting site ahead of placing any real money bets on the games. Offers the Most NHL Playoff Betting Action Offers the Most NHL Playoff Betting Action

This season’s NHL Stanley Cup Semifinals are underway with both series down to a best-of-three affair. The New York Islanders and the Tampa Bay Lightning are knotted at two games apiece heading into Game 5. The Vegas Golden Knights evened up their series against the Montreal Canadiens 2-2 with Sunday’s overtime victory.

There is nothing better than playoff hockey in the NHL and the best way to get in on all the action is at online sportsbook. This top-rated offshore book based in Costa Rica has become one of the most popular online betting sites for US players.

With a complete lineup of betting options for every major sport and sporting event, continues to earn high grades right across the board.

Most of the betting action in the NHL playoffs centers on the  money line odds for all the games. Betting each game’s total line also brings in quite a bit of betting volume. The third-most popular way to bet the games is through the NHL puck line which adds a 1.5-goal spread between the favorite and the underdog with corresponding money line odds.

For example, if you wanted to bet Game 5 between the Islanders and the Lightning, you could get Tampa Bay at -185 on the money line as home favorite. New York is set as a +165 road underdog. The total for the game is set at five goals. Taking Tampa Bay -1.5 goals on the puck line has odds of +155. Going with the Islanders plus 1.5 goals would cost $175 to win $100.

New York won Game 1 on the road 2-1 closing as a +165 underdog. The total stayed UNDER five goals. Tampa Bay won the next two games before the Islanders tied the series at two games apiece with a 3-2 victory in Game 4 as a slight +110 home underdog. The total was a PUSH after closing at five goals.

Game 6 is set for Wednesday, June 23 in New York. Game 7 (if necessary) will be played in Tampa Bay on Friday, June 25. New York had to get by Pittsburgh and Boston in a pair of six-game series to advance to the conference semifinals. Tampa Bay beat Florida in six games and Carolina in five games to advance.

Montreal has been the big story of the 2021 NHL playoffs as the fourth seed in the North Division. The Canadiens stunned Toronto in Game 7 of their opening round series after trailing three games to one. They went on to sweep Winnipeg in four games to move onto this round.

As far as the conference semifinals, Vegas won the series opener 4-1 as a heavy -270 home favorite. However, the Golden Knights lost the next two games by identical 3-2 scores. They closed as -180 road favorites in Sunday’s 2-1 victory. The total has stayed UNDER or ended as a PUSH in all four games.

Game 5 is set for Tuesday, June 22 in Las Vegas. Game 6 is back in Montreal on June 24 with a Game 7 set for this Saturday in Las Vegas if necessary.

Along with a full set of betting lines for all the games, also offers an extended set of prop bet options to supplement your betting strategy. You can also bet each NHL matchup live after the game has gotten underway. Continues to Garner Rave Reviews in 2021 Continues to Garner Rave Reviews in 2021

When it comes to finding an online sportsbook backed by a strong track record over an extended period of time, has become a highly popular choice over the past several years. Launched over a decade ago in Costa Rica, this is one of the few offshore sportsbooks operating online that really knows how to cater to the US market.

Many of today’s US players have a myriad of online betting sites to choose from. Yet, heading into 2021 and a new round of online sportsbook reviews, continues to earn high marks in every major category.

This includes safe and fair online play. That has been the cornerstone of this betting site’s success over the past 10 years plus. The ownership group behind has always been committed to making your online betting experience an enjoyable and memorable one.

Through a sophisticated online betting platform that contains an advanced mobile interface, reliability along with a deep level of online security has allowed this site to live up to that commitment.

Through an in-house team of IT professionals, upgrades to the operating system as well as software solutions keep well ahead of the constant changes taking place in the entire sports betting industry.

The main attraction of this online betting site is the actual betting board. It would be hard to find another online book offering a wider selection of betting options across an ever wider collection of sports and sporting events. may cater to US players but the scope and range of its betting board is truly global.

Along with an expansive listing of betting options is an extensive menu of available wager types. Even through straight bets on point spreads and total lines account for most of the daily and weekly action coming in, goes out of its way to provide an almost never-ending number of ways to diversity your sports betting strategy.

One of the fastest growing segments of the online sportsbook is live in-game betting. This lets you add as much betting excitement you want to all the action on the field, court or ice after the game has gotten underway.

Betting lines are constantly adjusted during natural breaks in the game. This lets you double down on bets going your way or hedge those bets if the game takes some unexpected twists and turns.

Other live in-game betting options are tied to different “what happens next” scenarios. This would include a football team’s next drive or a basketball team’s next possession. You can bet half innings in baseball along with power plays in ice hockey.

Everything offers from a betting standpoint is tied together with one of the most generous promotional programs in the entire sports betting industry.

Whether you are looking for bonus offers tied to ongoing deposits or ways to cash-in on customer referrals, there are some easy ways to boost the balance in your online betting account.

Sports is king at but you can also get in on all the betting action covering the daily live racing card at your favorite horse track. You can also play Las Vegas-style slots and table games at the site’s online casino.


Build Your Own Super Bowl Props at

Build Your Own Super Bowl Props at

Offshore sportsbooks operating an online betting platform have been the backbone of the sports betting industry for more than two decades. They know exactly what today’s avid sports bettors are looking for with an expanded list of betting options covering a wide variety of sports and sporting events.

For the past decade plus, has been perfecting the online sports betting process to become a top-rated online sportsbook in the industry. Part pioneer, part innovator, this online betting site has attracted a large betting base both in the US market and on a global scale.

As an industry pioneer, you can count on consistent and reliable service that lets you make the most out of your online betting experience.

As an industry innovator, is constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to enhancing  your online betting experience. A perfect example of this is the new Prop Builder tool on your betting dashboard.

Prop bets have become an excellent way to supplement your overall sports betting strategy with high-value betting options for every game in every major sport.

Just about every major online sportsbook offers game, team and player props these days. However, decided to go one step farther by giving you the ability to build your own betting props.

A menu of betting options lets you focus in on the betting options that interest you the most. Some bettors like to concentrate of team scoring props. Others are more interested in individual player performance measures.

Whatever the case may be, gives you complete control over your prop betting menu. This comprehensive and interactive betting tool is both easy to use and yet complex in its design.

The available sports run across the top of the screen. There is a Build option to create custom props. There is also a Quick Pick option that contains the most popular prop options. You can also build props that fall into the classification of an OVER/UNDER wager.

An advanced prop builder option allows you to search for a specific player while also selecting your own particular stat. Using the OVER/UNDER option, you can calculate your own betting odds for that particular scenario.

As mentioned, the prop builder option can be used for every game in every major sport. puts you in total control over the prop options you are looking to bet on.

The biggest single-game prop betting event of the year is the NFL’s annual Super Bowl. This year’s game will take place on Sunday, Feb. 7 between the Kansas City Chiefs as AFC Champions and the NFC Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Interestingly enough, this season’s game will be played at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay.

While every online book will offer a grocery list of prop bet options for the big game, is leading the way with its Prop Builder technology. You get to decide which props you want to bet on for this game. You also get custom odds that add value to your overall Super Bowl betting strategy.

There has never been a better time than now to open a new online betting account at The site’s unique Prop Builder is just one of the reasons why this is the best online sportsbook for all your sports wagering activity.