Offers the Complete iGaming Package Offers the Complete iGaming Package

There has been a major shift towards online gambling in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. While the ongoing health crisis has accelerated the growth rate over the past year, more and more sports betting, horse betting and Las Vegas-style gaming has been shifting that way in recent years. was launched in 2014 as primarily an online sportsbook catering to the US market. While the site has always been global in both its scope and range, it has grown to become a top-rated site for US players.

Based in Costa Rica, the ownership group comes from a long background in the sports betting industry. The company also has strong ties to online gambling through its proprietary software solutions for all forms of iGaming.

This includes an online racebook for horse betting and an online casino equipped with slots, digital table games and live-dealer streaming capabilities. You can even tap into daily poker tournaments through an online poker room.

Everything has been rolled up into one comprehensive site that can meet all of your real money online gambling needs. is not only a highly rated betting site in the sports betting industry, it is a major player in the entire online gambling industry.

By opening an online betting account at, you are opening the door to a safe and secure online betting experience. You can also add fun and excitement to the list.

Where else can you bet on Sunday’s big game, enjoy a full card of horse racing at your favorite track and test your card playing skills through a couple of hands of live-dealer Blackjack or a Texas Hold’em poker tournament.

One online account offers fast and easy access to everything on this list. Generous promotional offers are tied to each form of online gambling. There is an overall incentive program designed to reward customer loyalty.

The term ‘bookie’ will always have strong ties to betting on sports. However, in a rapidly changing business environment, bookmaking covers the entire scope of real money gambling.

As all of these activities continue to gravitate to online play, continues to lead the way as a true industry pioneer. More importantly, you can also think of this site as an industry innovator.

Through an in-house team of online gambling software experts, this site continues to push the boundaries surrounding the online gaming environment. One of the company’s primary goals is to make your online gambling experience safe and enjoyable. That has never been truer than today.

While the actual software running the online betting platform is highly complex in its design, it has been built with the end consumer in mind. The site is easy to navigate. Everything your are looking for is presented in a clear and concise manner.

Along with a world class online betting site, also offers world class customer service. From registering online for a new account to requesting a withdrawal after a big hit, everything is supported by an experienced and knowledgeable in-house team of customer service representatives.

Access has been streamlined through the use of the most modern technology. A live rep is available to help in anyway possible 24 hours a day, every day of the year.



Make the Switch to and Expect the Unexpected

Make the Switch to and Expect the Unexpected

New Year’s resolutions are big this time of the year. Some progressive types are always looking for ways to change their habits and improve their experiences. Sport bettors tend to be creatures of habit that unfortunately stay stuck in their current rut.

You might be coming off another losing effort with your sports betting strategy. Maybe you are bored with the same tired betting board. Perhaps your betting bankroll is getting beaten up with non-competitive betting options.

Whatever the case may be, now is the time to shake things up with a resolution to improve your overall sports betting experience in 2021.

Now is also the perfect time to check out everything has to offer. While on the surface, things may look the same with expanded sports betting, horse betting through the online racebook and Las Vegas-style online casino games.

You need to dig a bit deeper to get a true sense of what is all about. This is an online gambling site with strong ties to the roots of offshore books running an online betting platform. Based in Costa Rica, it has been catering to US players for more than a decade.

This is also an online gambling site that is taking an innovative approach to the future of the entire gaming industry.

Sports betting and casino gambling is as big as it ever was with one major exception. Action at land-based venues is rapidly shifting to online and mobile betting applications. As more and more online betting options enter the marketplace, is committed to raising the bar to maintain its status as a top-rated online betting site.

From the site’s eye-popping graphics to comprehensive betting menu, everything you are looking for is presented in clear and concise manner.

The left-hand side of the homepage says it all. Whether you are interested in placing a wager on tonight’s big game or getting into today’s live poker tournament, everything is just a click away.

The bettor’s online dashboard can be fully customized to your particular needs. The dashboard is also a quick way to review any active bets you may have in place or a quick recap of last week’s results.

This site was designed by sports betting experts with the help of IT sports betting specialists. All the processes are constantly being upgraded to offer an even more enjoyable and productive online experience.

Two new options added to the menu are Dynamic Lines 2 and Prop Builder. The first expands the number of live-in game betting options for that particular day. If you are into betting live international women’s soccer, that option is on the board.

All you need to do is pick your sport and Dynamic Lines 2 will guide you in the right direction.

The other new betting feature is Prop Builder. Why wait for a site to list all the available props when you have the ability to build your own? Prop Builder takes things to a whole new level when it comes to expanding your existing betting strategy.

These are just a few of the ways that delivers the unexpected when it comes to any form of online gambling.

If you are tired of settling for the same old tired approach to generating some betting action on your favorite sports and sporting events, it is time to take a trip to the future of online sports betting at

Earn Better Rewards for Your Frequent Sports Bets at

Earn Better Rewards for Your Frequent Sports Bets at

Just about every online sportsbook offers a matching deposit bonus for new customers opening up an online betting account. However, only a handful of online books go all in with incentives rewarding continued customer loyalty.

Topping that list is For the past decade, this online book has risen through the ranks to become a top-ranked online sports betting site. Behind a dedicated ownership team based in Costa Rica, this seasoned group of sports betting experts know how to do things right.

This group also understands the value of loyal customers. In an expanding marketplace that has suddenly become extremely competitive, is more than willing to take care of its loyal customers with a comprehensive Frequent Player Reward program.

Some online sportsbook reward programs focus mainly on bets placed. Players can receive points for every bet they make. The points can be saved and then redeemed for free plays and other perks down the road.

While these types of plans are beneficial to frequent bettors, they still come with specific terms and conditions. Certain betting options may not qualify for points such as futures and props. None the less, points are awarded for straight bets and parlays as two of the most popular betting options, so there still is some definite value. takes a different approach to its customer loyalty rewards program. Everything is based on monthly deposits. The more deposits made, the bigger the rewards.

An initial deposit of $100 or more into an online account on or after the first of the month is eligible for a 50 percent Free Play Bonus. This comes with a very manageable rollover of just 4x. The second and third deposit of $100 or more during the same month with earn a $50 Free Play. The beauty of this Free Play is that it comes with no extra cost.

Free plays are an excellent way to boost an online betting account. Even when things do not go your way over the course of a month, is there to help supplement that loss.

Through its 10% Free Play Rebate on total net losses, your account will be credited on the first Monday of the following month. The total credit is 10 percent of the net loss. The program renews itself each and every month of the year. The 10 percent boost is a great way to make a fresh start on the next month’s sports betting activity.

These are just some of the ways takes care of its loyal betting customers on an ongoing basis. More and more players are joining the ranks of sports bettors placing all of their monthly action at this highly popular online betting venue.

Also keep in mind that every player is entitled to one free payout every 30 days. By eliminating the costly fees associated with most withdrawal requests, this is another great way to boost your betting bankroll.

As a full-service online gambling site, you can also bet the daily card at your favorite horse racing tracks. An expanded online racebook covers a wide variety of tracks across North America as well as international racing hot spots in the UK, France, Japan, Australia and Dubai.

If you are looking for Las Vegas-style slots, video poker and table games, you can use your online account to try your luck and test your skill at’s online casino. This includes live-dealer table games.