Dez Bryant : Got Paid and Punks Tyler Patmon

Dez Bryant : Got Paid and Punks Tyler Patmon

Dez Bryant inks a monster deal and shows the world more of his inner self.  Training camp either got the competitive juices flowing or else there is more to a skirmish with Tyler Patmon.  A situation escalated to the point where both were going to turn their keys to let the missiles loose.  Tony Romo had to step in and this is where we are at with the Cowboys.  What happened and how will this effect the Cowboys going forward?

Dez Bryant : Money Not Mellowing

Dez Braynt

$70M is not going to change the man.  A history of being at odds with players and coaches continues.  Screaming has grown into more as he chucked an object at Patmon.  After it looked like he threw a haymaker at the other player.  All of this because the practice player had the nerve to jolt Bryant in the helmet.  Always being the diplomat, Dez then took Tyler’s helmet off.  This prompted Patmon to launch a punch.  Dez pulled the slot machine lever and unleashed a wild knockout punch.  Witten tried to intervene but Dez laughed him off.

Patmon Get a Hug

Odd bunch this Dallas team is.  After all was done, the coach came over to talk to Dez.  Afterwards coach gave a hug to Tyler.  Jerry Jones was not there but was bemused at the level of coverage this was getting and likened it to a full court press by CNN or something like that.  The over 3,700 in attendance for this padded practice certainly got some vivid imagery for their time watching big D tune up.

Dez knows no bounds.  This is a second year player whose status is in very much up in the air.  Ironically, they both played for Oklahoma State.  Bryant says that this is just the way he rolls.  “You dont want somebody weak on your team.”  A very fine line that we saw with this in the past with Incognito.  It does not go to this level but is more of a weakening rather than enforcing team chemistry.

Run Line Free Pick : Value in Twins at Jays

Run Line Free Pick : Value in Twins at Jays

HRWager’s run line free pick for 8/3 goes north of the border.  Minnesota takes on the Jays in a huge game for a Monday afternoon in August.  Vital for both teams while only one is headed in the right direction.  Find out how the vast price difference in the ML and run line cinched it up today.  So sit back and tune in for this run line Red Alert and get those wagers in right now.  The game is at 1PM EST, so now is the time to make that investment in our Free Pick.

Run Line Free Pick : Look at these Prices

We tasted what our head linesman was drinking today as the numbers he posted on this game are beyond belief.  Toronto is a -200 or so Money line favorite but getting +100 at – 1 1/2.  This is with one of the most potent offenses in the game and now they obtained Tulo from the Rockies.  Another fact that popped out at us is the slide that the Twins are on.  3-6 in their last homestand.  Not only that but no day off, travel north of the border, and play at 1PM.  Last but not least, David Price is pitching for the Jays.  So we sent a text to our the oddsmaker and here is what he countered with.

run line free pick 8/3

Mathematics vs Meaning

31-17 away are the Twins when getting the + 1 1/2.  Not the best in the league but they are not slouches either.  He stands by that with the equalization being Santana starting for Minny.  Yes he has been good on the road but has only five starts.  Frankly, we do not know what he is thinking and we checked his coffee to make sure it was not Irish this morning.

This is where the value creeps in.  How many times does a really potent offensive team at home with their ace on the mound just win by a lone run.  The ML at -200 or so is a lot of chalk to eat.  A runline with the price of +100 is too much of a price difference to ignore.  Value to great and besides we think Toronto stakes their claim today.  Run Line Free Pick of the Day are the Jays.  Good fortune and get this sports investment in right now.


Sportsbook Free Play : Bankroll Hit like Rousey Opponent

Sportsbook Free Play : Bankroll Hit like Rousey Opponent

A sportsbook free play gets you out of situations even when your bankroll takes a hit like Rousey’s opponent felt last night.  For those on the planet that did not view the entire thirty something second inferno, here it is in graphic form.   There are times when we do not see it come from the blue.  All of our can not miss wagers tanking at the same time to put our sports investment portfolio in peril.  HRWager has something to say about that with our deposit promotions and contests we sponsor at The Gambling Forum.  Take advantage and stay in the game with the following offers.

Sportsbook Free Play Thank you Deadspin

Sportsbook Bonus : 200 % Free play 

This is the cushion that the savvy demand when tackling the end of baseball with football in sight.  200 percent on deposits over $250 is the nest egg that prompts growth.  It is the ace in the hole to either play your hand strong from the start or to bolster a cautious approach.  We are looking for growth in our sports investment portfolio.  This is no hit and run penny stock specualtion.  You have a significant edge due to your superior sports knowledge.  Now is the time to translate this into profit with your wagering.  Let your ability work for you while watching the events you already are viewing.

First Step : Consultation

Now is the time to get the lay of the land.  Plan how you will attack football and take advantage of the baseball landscape.  Qualified and friendly on line chat staff are available for you right now to converse with.  Take advantage of this feather in your cap today.  Good fortune to us today and we will see you later today with an HRWager Free Pick of the Day for August 2nd.



UFC 190 : Rousey Grows as Entertainer

For UFC 190, the passing of  a wrestling legend has stoked the fire even hotter for one of the participants in the main event.  Bethe Correia and Ronda Rousey is going to prove to be even more intense than when Bethe’s mother implored her to break Ronda’s jaw.  One knows the prefight pub machine is going full tilt when they bring their parents into it.  HRWager has info on the weigh in for tonight’s bout plus a wagering recommendation.  So sit back and let us examine what two more evenly matched ladies can bring to us this evening.

UFC 190 : Dedicated to the Rowdy One

Rowdy Roddy Piper and Ronda Rousey did not just decide to name drop each other.  Ronda looked up to the wrestling legend since a young age.  Piper had noticed her for years and had Rousey on his podcast.

Well the wrestling world and Ronda herself were shocked to hear of his passing from cardiac arrest at the age of 61.  Clearly upset and moved, she promises this win to the man she so respected.  Will this cause her to come out too aggressive and open herself up to the counters of the Brazilian?


The talent the sixth rated lady brings to this fight warrant a better line than +900 she is getting.  A fight that is much closer than that but can only be wagered on by those with secure bankrolls. I would estimate that four out of five times Ronda wins tonight.  So the ML on the challenger is purely value driven.  The longshot does come through often enough here to make it theoretically profitable.

What interests us is making this fight last more than one and a half rounds to get to the +260 that HRWager has it at.  The champ is suffering from Mike Tyson syndrome.  She dispatches people too quickly.  Ronda has the ability to armbar anyone at any point.  Main event cards have to last.  She has learned to carry her opponent for a while.  Indulge in the trash talking, give the fans a fair bout, and then outta of nowhere the armbar for the win.  This is why your sports investment should be the over 1 1/2 rounds for their fight tonight.  Good fortune and we will speak next time here at HRWager.


MLB Free Pick : Giants Stand Up to Heat of Texas? 7/31

MLB Free Pick : Giants Stand Up to Heat of Texas? 7/31

Our MLB Free Pick examines the wilting heat of Texas as San Fran (56-45) strolls into Texas (48-52) for an evening affair.  The temperature will be near ninety degrees as the stadium will feel like an oven.  Will a day off and their ace throwing for them allow the Giants to keep their cool tonight?  They are a big ML favorite to take the day but can value be seen in either the home underdog Rangers or the run line for the visiting team?  Join HRWager as we attempt to see you onto the path for profit this eveing.

MLB Free Pick : Looking Past

MLB Free Pick 7/31

Texas has hope in the future and it comes Saturday.  Cole Hamels should be announced as making his way to there from the Phillies.  This makes tonight’s start from Martinez really anticlimactic.  With the weather usually being an advantage for Texas, it can be their undoing tonight.  Especially with the big man, Prince Fielder.  He is not adverse to mentally taking a few games off a year mentally.  Combine that with a rested and motivated Madison pitching and the Rangers could struggle for runs tonight.

  • Texas is 0-6 with a seven ERA in the recent starts from Martinez.

Pousey Refreshed

Even in the nip and tuck NL West, the Giants have the wisdom to give their players a blow to keep their energy up the whole season.  Pousey will be back in the lineup tonight after a day off Wednesday against the Brewers.  Panik missed two games with a back ailment but the heat of Arlington has a way of actually unwinding muscles.  SF has only lost two of their last fifteen.  This is a key game in regards that it starts a ten game road trip.

While Saturday will see the home crowd amped, today’s start will be sedate.  The Giants ML resides near the block of -170 wagering.  In fact, even the linesmakers anticipate decisive results when SF wins.  Projected large margins of victory have even the RL below the break even mark at -110.  This is too straight forward a game to not bet on.  The HRWager Free Pick is the Giants Run Line.  Good fortune and we will talk to you next time here at HRW.


College Football Rankings : Interest Instead of Ability

College Football Rankings : Interest Instead of Ability

Preseason college football rankings are more about drumming up business than accurately portraying the power structure for the next season.  Ohio State was a slam dunk at number one but some of the other selections near Olympus are head scratchers.  More of an automatic inclusion rather than how the team will actually do this year.  So let us peek on what programs are relying on their pedigree for an inflated ranking going into the 2015 season.

College Football Rankings : Big 12 Apology

College football rankings


Four teams and five power conferences.  At least one of them were going to be the chair short when the music stopped.  For the initial four team college playoff, TCU or Baylor was omitted.  Now the rankings are using that and stacked teams to put TCU at #2 and Baylor #4.  Almost always, both teams do not retain their credibility all year long.  Another eyebrow raiser was the reliance on the system as a way to uphold a ranking.  Oregon at #5 is the epitome of this.  No Marcus so this is purely faith in the confidence to plug and chug another QB in the system right away.  Not going to happen but a high ranked Ducks team will get the viewers flocking to their second game against the Spartans.


So Who Do We Like?

UCLA at #14 is our favorite to win the Pac-12.  Auburn is everyone’s home run swing in wagering.  Either they take that huge step up or fall flat with another 8-5 type season.  Florida State is very vulnerable so Georgia Tech will step up to fill the void.  Finally, the staff here at HRWager is divided on Boise State.  Most feel they will get the benefits of the polls but the program is still in decline.  They will let you down in the big wagering games.

Here is the Top Ten and the break down in votes.  HRWager will do the research for you this year.  Free Picks to profit by will just be the start on your path to profit.  Remember to take UCLA early out of the gate.  Good fortune and we will talk to you next time here at HRWager’s blog.


NFL Season Wins Future : Jacksonville Jinxed?!

NFL Season Wins Future : Jacksonville Jinxed?!

Season win totals hinge on a few important factors. For the Jaguars, they are a franchise that is almost in as much disarray as Oakland. With Blake getting another year under his belt, the march towards respectability was supposed to continue in 2015. A total of 5.5 wins has been set on them with the over getting the chalk in this circumstance. Find out why HRWager thinks that two decisive facets will lead to a definite wager on one of the sides of this total.

Offensively Okay

A new toy and an improved offensive line are boons to any up and coming quarterback. Jeremy Parnell comes over from Dallas to bolster the offensive line. An experienced tight end from Peyton Manning also comes to town. Julius Thomas and his hands will help throw the heat off of pass rushes. A trio of players as in Hurns, Lee, and Robinson must continue to grow so that this team can score just enough to give their defense the chance to win games.

NFL Season win


Here is where two events came together to rob the Jags of building momentum this year. The first is that Dante Fowler getting hurt right away in the workouts. An almost can not miss #3 pick in the draft was derailed by a season ending injury. Now they need players like linebacker Paul Posluszny to play all the games in 2015 else it will be another long year for Jacksonville.

Also playing havoc with this team are the schedule makers. For a team that was this woeful, they have a difficult schedule. Weeks three through five sees them away from home with visits to New England, Indy, and Tampa. They also get the European vacation against the Bills on October 25th. If they can keep their heart in the game, the late portion of the year offers them solace with four straight home games near the end.

HRWager loathes  the chalk on the over near the -140 mark. A key defensive injury and an overly difficult schedule robs them of most of their chances to excel this year. With the +120’s on the under, this is the path to profit and should be wagered upon. Good fortune to us today and we will talk to you tomorrow here at HRWager.


Ronda Rousey : My Rocking Body’s Purpose

Ronda Rousey : My Rocking Body’s Purpose

Ronda Rousey is so exposed right now that even magazines like Cosmo are lining up to hear her takes on her body.  With a 2015 SI cover that propelled the swimsuit edition’s strong sales, she gives insight on some of her ideal weights and the reason why.  Find out why she actually packed on a few pounds instead of the customary diet that most who grace the cover go through.  HRW will also grace this article with some of our favorite pictures along the way so enjoy this visual Tour de Force.

Rousey : Setting the Example

In good conscious, she felt that her gracing the cover at 135 lbs would put even additional pressure for women to conform to the social “norms” on beauty.  So she bulked up to 150lbs. Ronda has gone on record that this number and not her normal fight weight is her ideal body type.  She quotes improved health and beauty that Ronda radiates at 150lbs being maximized.

Ronda RouseyRonda Rousey





















With such an extensive marital arts background from a young age, she had felt that her body type was not normal.  She realizes that the person is judged on the inside and that woman everywhere should be the mass and weight that promotes good health.  Stay tuned to HRWager when we publish our next piece on a sports trend setter that has such obvious visual appeal at any weight.






Run Line Free Pick : Feast on Houston 7/28

Run Line Free Pick : Feast on Houston 7/28

Our run line free pick throws out the assumption that a game between two talented divisional rivals has to be a close affair.  If one takes a cursory glance at the game, the -120 Houston line appears to be correct.  Compare that to the massive jump up to the +170 neighborhood for spotting that additional run.  What has HRWager uncovered that should have you wagering the run line today in the 7/28 series opener of the Angels at Houston this evening.

Run Line Free Pick : Strong Stats

Run Line Free pick

If I were to tell you that Houston is in the top five in RL cover stats then this might get your interest.  When one starts pumping our a line like this then truly one takes pause at the keyboard to soak it in.

  • Houston RL favorite is 19-16.

With the vast majority of run lines spotting – 1 1/2 getting over +100, the risk seems to be warranted to take it.  What has many hitting the pause button is the potential of the Angels as an offensive team.

Weak Stats

Minute Maid Park is not kind to hitters and least of all Mike Trout.  He is at a clip below .200 here in almost twenty games.  Combine that the a starter hauling his gas can to the mound for LAA and they are in a heap of trouble.  CJ Wilson has been almost sporting a ten in ERA for his last few outings.  The Astros got to him in a 13-3 win earlier.  Even with Houston suffering slightly themselves in offensive production, CJ is the cure for what ails them tonight.

Finally, the matchups between these teams have been dictated by home field.  Minute Maid has allowed them to win six of their last seven at home.  Couple that with their home run line stats, and going the extra mile for the +175 is justified.  The HRWager Run Line of the Day are the Astros at +175.  Good fortune to us today and we will see you tomorrow here at HRW.

MLB Free Pick : Brewers at Giants 7/27

MLB Free Pick : Brewers at Giants 7/27

Our MLB free pick for 7/27 brings us to late night baseball.  Milwaukee (43-56) had their heyday and hot streak a few weeks ago.  Since then reality has set in with the losing four of the last five.  What makes this even worse is that they have been on the receiving end of consecutive shutouts. Now they continue their westward trek against the red hot Giants.  Will this equate to a simple money line wager or should we go for the extra gusto with the run line this evening?

MLB Free Pick : Look at these Prices

MLB Free Pick 7/27

  • Giants ML -165 or so
  • RL of -1 1/2 is +135

Now with the opposite side of the spectrum both teams are embracing, the key question to mull over is this.  In the situations in which the Giants win tonight, how many are going to be by one single run.  Forget even looking at the overall stats.  They are good for general trends but for specific situations like this, it does not do the justice we deserve.

This is Straight Forward

Dead as a door nail and in the midst of a west coast swing, San Fransisco is scenic and provides many chances to spend some hard earned cash.  Milwaukee has no chance in 2015 and it is after the all star break.  Sure players will try to mash for individual stats and contracts but the little things like defensive effort will be lacking.  Compare this to a 9-1 surging in their last ten Giants.  They can smell blood in the water and are just one game behind the Dodgers.  This team is making their move right now and the Brewers are squarely in their way.  Blowouts equate much more into this than the traditional run line prices normally allow.

We are all guilty of peeling back the layers of the onion.  At times it is stinky work and can almost force us to tears.  The realization is that some decisions are just easy.  Tonight the situation exceeds the math.  HRWagers RL Pick of the Day is the Giants.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at HRWager.