NBA Offseason News : Golden State is Stand Up

NBA Offseason News : Golden State is Stand Up

NBA Offseason News on HRWager goes about examining the Team USA minicamp tryouts that will happen in Las Vegas.  Set for August 11th through 13th, the Olympic team hailing from the United States goes through its ups and downs in terms of participation.  Some opt out for personal reasons and others to allow their fellow pros the chance to represent their country.  The up and coming defending NBA Champion Golden State Warriors has answered the bell.  Find out who is making the trek to the desert to defend the Stars and Stripes in the upcoming Olympic Games.

NBA Offseason : Entire Starting Lineup?!

HRWager had wondered if people held the champs in too high of a regard.  Yes they have an excellent team but how much of it was talent and what part was the streaky hot shooting they get from their stars.  Well the powers that be has called out that four of the starters go out for the team.  Who is the one not given an invite?  Why that would be Andrew Bogut who is down under and going to represent Australia.  Quite a feat accomplished by ownership and management for Golden State.

Golden State Gold

FIBA World Championships Gold

Experience will help guide the USA through the Olympic field and that is what Curry and Thompson bring to this team.  Both were members of the gold medal winning team at the FIBA World Championships last sumer.  Barnes and Green have their invites punched already.  Conjecture is that three of the four will have the odds in their favor of making the team.  Curry is a virtual lock while Green and Thompson have strong chances to go as well.  Harrison Barnes would be more than a mild surprise if he makes it but that has not stopped him from going to Vegas later next month.

Follow HRWager as the selection process pans out.  Blake Griffin will be one of the headliners spearheading the effort to assemble the potential gold medal winning team.  Melo will be there because media will be all around.  He is limited by injury so who knows the real reason why he is making the trip.  As for the Warriors, it is encouraging to see the Champs not resting on their laurels and doing what they can to further the aims of USA Basketball.  HRWager applauds them.  We wish all of our members good fortune this upcoming week and we will see you next time here at the HRW Blog.

MLB Trade Deadline : Push to Prominence

MLB Trade Deadline : Push to Prominence

Anticipating the destinations for the MLB Trade Deadline is invaluable for wagering both now and for the remainder of the season.  HRWager will break down some of the more anticipated high expectation move for baseball.  Teams that will be come sellers after years of being players at this time of year tend to fold faster than you teams on the rebuild.  So sit back and find out which teams might tank in the immediate future.

MLB Trade Deadline : Royal Rebuff

Baseball has changed via the success of the Giants and the Royals the last few years.  With teams like the Tigers getting shut down every year in the playoffs, the ability to create runs in the playoffs is off the chart in value now.  Even with this in consideration, playoff teams require one shutdown ace to get through.  Cueto is that man and both the Royals and Jays want him.  What was fascinating is that a deal was in place for KC to get him but fell through over medical concerns.  Now that the market has opened back up, Toronto must up the ante quite heavily to see him go north of the border.  If they do not get him then look for the traditional Jays swoon to be in effect at the third week of August.

MLB Trade deadline

Hamels to the Rangers?

What must Cole think when he keeps having his future linked with the Rangers.  It is not so much that this team does not have the potential but it goes to the second best division in baseball behind the NL Central.  The AL West already has the Angels and Astros.  Even the Mariners can not be given short shrift.  This would be a future move for the Rangers in 2016.  Estimate is that the deal does not get done with Texas.  Rangers totals will go on the over side as the bats will at least be strong for the rest of the year.

Finally, we look at some of the other high profile pitchers.  The Tigers dig in their heels and keep Price.  Also we have one name that is not a pitcher still linked to action.  Upton and the Padres are enduring a horrid season for a team that made many moves before the season.  They will set him free with the Pirates and Houston as the favorites.  With Kazmir on board, Astro nation might be in a mood to celebrate.  That being said, look for the Padres to have an uptick after trading Upton.  The immense pressure on them will be released by them becoming sellers.  A looser team blessed with good ML’s will be a cash cow soon.  Good fortune and watch as these patterns hopefully turn into a profit reality for HRWager customers.

CFL Free Pick : Sunday Showdown 7/26

CFL Free Pick : Sunday Showdown 7/26

Our CFL Free Pick features a team in freefall so far in 2015.  The Rough Riders have yet to get into the win column this season.  What is especially hard to swallow is an 0-4 record with only a fourteen point differential for the 2015 season.  Can they come through in the clutch against Hamilton (1-2) on Sunday Night?  Here is your HRWager profit to end your weekend with.

CFL Free Pick

Special teams is the point of first concern when one takes on the TI Cats.  Over 300 in return yardage has been punctuated with two touchdown punt returns from Hamilton’s Brandon Banks.  The Riders will look to Dylan Aimsworth to stem the tide.  He was the eleventh pick out of Western Kentucky and is the CFL frontrunner with seven special team tackles.  The Rough Riders must punt away from him and to their own strength on the side of the field that Aimsworth is on.  One of the contributing factors to all their losses has been field position.  If they can start perfecting their punting game then the home team Roughriders should carry the day.

Home Field with East Team

CFL free Pick

Saskatchewan started off as a home pickem but the market has move to give the favorite status.  The one point that has to be given is still insufficient for Hamilton to pull off the cover.  East teams face a distinct disadvantage in this league when traveling multiple time zones.  What else will help the home team is the rabbit ears that the league office has.  Recent and relevant criticism has come down with their new nickname of the Canadian Flag League.  This has driven fans away and the broadcast to openly criticize the refs in over calling infractions.

The play of the day will reflect the new attitude enforced by the league office.  A total of 56 is high for the CFL if they were under the old rules.  A new day means open offenses and even bigger returns.  Hamilton will get good yardage and Sask will score more as well.  Avoid the spread and go with the over on the total.  Good fortune and we will talk to you tomorrow at HRWager.


Ravens Season Wins Total Recommendation for 2015

Ravens Season Wins Total Recommendation for 2015

Season Win Futures for the NFL are sometimes slanted towards over achieving teams in the regular season.  The Bengals get a traditional bump from the linesmakers because of the hero that Andy Dalton is outside of the playoffs.  What to make of a team that plays their best in January?  HRWager is going to examine the season win future for 2015 that stands at 9 1/2 games for the Baltimore Ravens.  What are the schedule and player factors that could influence our wager recommendation for this NFL future?

   Ravens Season Wins : Bar at 9 1/2

A desire for marque matchups put the Ravens behind the eight ball right off of the bat.  Traveling to Denver is much better for Baltimore in the winter than at the end of summer due to the Peyton factor.  With loose muscles from the heat, Denver’s short passing game in combination with their rushing attack is too much for most NFL teams to break down in Week One.  Now getting out of the gate at 0-2 does not bode well for playoff chances and the second game is also on the West Coast.  Oakland is a winnable game but there is more fluctuation in this than in most years.

Ravens season wins

Key to the determination of how one thinks the Ravens will do comes late in the season.  How can they handle a stacked defense up front?  Joe does well but the Dolphin seven will have had gelled by this time.  This team will be a little down in the mouth when Miami manhandles them.  This leads to a spiral as Seattle and the Chiefs are back to back.  The Seahawks are not as much of a concern as the bruising KC squad is at the end.  For a franchise that usually finds their way in November and December, Baltimore will stumble in this area of the calendar.

It is easy to find several divisional splits for Baltimore.  The key to the 9 1/2 is that they get the West in both conferences this year.  At tough task even if the Niners are down and Seattle off a tick or two.  HRWager has the forecast for Baltimore and Ravnes’ fans will not be happy.  Under 9 1/2 for the season win total on Baltimore.  Good fortune and we will continue the NFL Season win speculation next time here at HRWager.



NFL Futures : Season Win Forecast for Tampa Bay

NFL Futures : Season Win Forecast for Tampa Bay

NFL Futures are both fun to break down and profitable in the end.  What people do not realize is that local information often trumps the impersonal and mathematical way the linesmakers conjure their numbers.  Today we put a flier out to a loyal HRWager client in South Florida.  He has given us the skinny on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  With the season win total forecast at six games, he lays it on the line telling us which way is probably the winning wager.  Here at the key games that influenced his decision.

NFL Futures : Crossroads

  • Week Four.  Carolina will be the second division rival they will have faced.  After playing the Saints and Houston on the road, will they have enough in the tank to take this one.  Even though the Panthers led the division last year, both combined games were won by Carolina by a combined eight points.
  • The Eli of the Storm – Key game and one that will see quite a push by the Bucs here.  With a murderer’s row of the Eagles, Dallas, and Indy, this game takes on more importance.  All games are supposed to count equally but this will be the feather in their cap when they win this one.
  • Prime Time. Way down the list is this game against the Ram.  St. Louis will be at home this time around and will be primed to return the favor to the Bucs.  An ugly 19-17 win will have the Rams way up for this one whether or not they are still relevant for the playoffs.

 Make or Break Time

Two of the three key games in their gauntlet go their way according to our local source.  With the Titans, Bears, and Jags all playing at Tampa this rookie lead team has value on the over.  Enough improvement and catching the Tians right off the bat builds the momentum for this rookie.

Prognosis :  Over six games for the Tampa Bay Bucs

NFL Futures


Place your future on this right now at HRWager.  Get ahead of the curve before the line could move in the direction which would not be in your favor for the over.


NFL News : Less than 50 Days Left Until Kickoff

NFL News : Less than 50 Days Left Until Kickoff

HRWager and their clients are celebrating the fact that in less than fifty days, the NFL regular season will kick off.  To celebrate this fact, the HRW blog will begin to go into high gear with our football coverage.  Team previews, season win projections, and key player movements are just the tip of the iceberg in our coverage.  With friends like NFL Schedule Week One and The Gambling Forum, there will be ample information from numerous vantage points.  Without any further ado, let us start our NFL coverage here at HRWager.


NFL News : Big on Bradford?!

NFL News 7/23

How will the Eagles fare with a quarterback that has only been healthy two years out of his five being a pro?  In the last two seasons, he has made it on the field for only seven games.  More of a concern is that there is not a concentration to one part of the body where his injuries have been inflicted.  Ankle, knee (twice), and shoulder speaks more of frailty than on unfortunate circumstance.  When he has been healthy, he could sling it in St. Louis despite little weapons at wideout.  This is an ultimate validation of Chip Kelly’s sport science program with the Eagles.  Even though his defenses have been gassed in the past, if he can get a third quarterback to produce and stay healthy then his philosophy will have a permanent place in the NFL.  This HRWager author is of the opinion that the running back position will come back into prominence and with the Eagles getting DeMarco that this will be the reason for the Eagles’ success this season.

Cheap Titans Will Stumble in Week One

One minor condition in contract language caused the Titans to miss out on developing Mariota until now.  Marcus finally got to ink a contract and get into training camp.  Work with the pads on provides him the next level for his initiation into the league.  While we think that he will do better than Winston, right out of the gate he is behind the overall #1 pick because of this contract squabble.  He was in the right for standing his ground.  By the Titans going cheap, we have an easy fade for week one of the NFL Schedule.

HRWager is proud to stand by their loyal customer base by providing information, promotions, and sponsoring handicapping contests at The Gambling Forum.  We will talk tomorrow as our march to the regular season goes on here at HRWager.


CFL Free Picks for 7/24 to 7/26

CFL Free Picks for 7/24 to 7/26

CFL Free Picks by HRWager provides plenty of action and hopefully profit for this last full week in July.  There is no focus on one side of Canada or the other as teams travel both west and east for this week’s games.  Calgary has to go all the way to the Canadian capital to kick off the action on Thursday.  We will look at the lines and see where the vulnerabilities are.  Lets get to it and make some more profit here at HRWager.



CFL Free Picks :  Appetizer 



Jul 24 121 CALGARY STAMPEDERS -5½-110 o47-110
7:05 PM 122 OTTAWA REDBLACKS +5½-110 u47-110
Jul 24 123 TORONTO ARGONAUTS +3-105 o54-110
10:05 PM 124 B.C. LIONS -3-115 u54-110

Calgary is a road favorite in large part of the growing pains experienced by the Redblacks.  Henry Burris has a good completion rate at 67.9 percent.  Even in the face of this, what is derailing him is his interceptions.  Six interceptions in four games is made worse by the game killing nature of some of these.  With Calgary (3-1) on such a roll, this is the factor that tips the scale and makes the road favorite a buy here.


Main Course


Jul 25 125 WINNIPEG BLUE BOMBERS +6-110 o51½-110
7:05 PM 126 EDMONTON ESKIMOS -6-110 u51½-110


This is the game of the week and the toughest to cap.  Winnipeg (2-2) has Drew Willy.  This gives them a realistic shot in any game.  He has a 77 percent completion clip with five touchdowns and just two interceptions.  Hard pressed will his team be when visiting Edmonton (2-1).  Here the Eskimos hold sway winning six out of their last seven against the Blue Bombers.  The mental drain that Winnipeg went under last week is not helped by another road game.  Home favorite takes this one.

Check back with HRWager tomorrow for the desert game which is on Sunday.  CFL can be very profitable and fine tunes the mind for the NFL and college season.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at HRWager

Soccer Free Pick : Jamaica and the USA 7/22

Soccer Free Pick : Jamaica and the USA 7/22

Suddenly our soccer free picks are cashing with frequent regularity.  All one has to do was to fade Costa Rica scoring in the Gold Cup and cash was yours.  Now that the Ticos are gone, where will our next bankroll boost come from?  The Stars and Stripes are a potential source of profit with their high scoring ways.  In their path is Jamaica.  This semifinal should be more free wheeling than some of the cautious affairs of the Gold Cup quarter finals.  Sit back with HRWager as we tackle the US and Jamaica this evening starting at 6PM.

Soccer Free Pick : 7/22 Goal Fest

Soccer Free Pick 7/22

Entertaining viewing for soccer fans is on store for this evening. The USA has demonstrated that they will push the pace when they feel a talent advantage goes their way.  The destruction of Cuba by a 6-0 score illustrates this.  They take on a Jamaican team that has scored in every one of their games so far.  With an influx of MLS players onto their national team, the free flowing action should go both ways this evening.


Action on the Pitch and the Ticket

The three way line sees the USA at a chalky level near -270 or so.  A draw has some allure in the +200’s while the upset win by the island nation is for hail mary bettors.  Stars and Stripes has the advantage here but HRWager is confident that both teams will score.  Jamaica has two facets to their attack that will vex the USA.

1.  Outside speed

2..  Goal scoring ability in the form of Garath McCleary

Tweet Says it All

HRWager could not put it better than the US Soccer Twitter account did.

MB: We know Jamaica well. They have a unique blend of organization and discipline and also athleticism.

    Why will the USA triumph here?  The factor that holds dominion over all other is fresh legs.  Jamaica played in Copa and has seen much more action.  17 of their twenty three players are in both tourneys.  This equates to running the into the ground.  If a goal is given up then so be it as the United States is looking to score many this evening.  The HRWager Free Pick for this Gold Cup Semifinal is the over 2 1/2 goals.  Good fortune and we will see you later on today here at the HRW Blog.


MLB Wagering : Breaking Down the Twins at Angels 7/21

MLB Wagering : Breaking Down the Twins at Angels 7/21

MLB Wagering ha a pair of tired teams facing off late this evening.  The Minnesota Twins (50-42) are in a tailspin as of late and are on the west coast.  Angels fans are seeing red hot bats but their team is coming off of a day night doubleheader with Boston.  Strong pitching matchups this evening has the total at 7 1/2 with the ML placing the Angels close to a -140 home favorite.  What does HRWager foresee as the winning wager of the evening?

MLB Wagering : How Hot?

Baseball Betting

Pujols has lead the way as of late especially in light of his three home runs yesterday.  This pushed his career total ahead of Mike Schmidt.  Trout is on his tail for the team lead with 28 dingers.  He has seven in the last ten games to keep pace with Albert.  So how will Gibson of Minnesota (8-6 2.85 ERA) attempt to cool them down?  Well he is showing no signs of slowing down as the season progresses.  In his lat four starts, he is down to 1.30 ERA.  However, the  Angels have his number getting almost eight across per nine innings against him.

Lack of Run Support

Hard to think of any Angels starter lacking offensive production behind him but Shoemaker’s 2015 fits this bill.  He has a very workman like 3.35 ERA in his last eight game but only has one win in that stretch.  This is because of the paltry thirteen runs they have gotten for him as of late.

Dominance on both fronts will lead the Angels to the win tonight.  They have won eight of nine at home.  Also they thrive against the Twins winning nine of eleven from them.  Some teams just dominate franchises.  The Angels know how to extract wins from them.  Look for the offense to continue and therefore get that extra bonus with the runline.  – 1 1/2 at +150 for the Angels is the pick of the night for 7/21.

Baseball Rankings for 7/20 : PC Revolution

Baseball Rankings for 7/20 : PC Revolution

Baseball rankings are hard enough to get people to agree upon a hierarchy.  How well can the AL’s Royals stand up to the league leading Cardinals?  Once one departs for the upper echelon, the fluctuation becomes even greater.  To gain a completely different perspective, we turn towards the mathematical dimensions to assist in our handicapping.  Without any further ado, here is how our models see the power rankings in baseball.

Baseball Rankings : The Centrals in High Regard

Computer ratings MLB










Can bias creep into our silicon systems?  The power rankings came out and we will give you the top ten.  You can see for yourself that six spots are inhabited by AL or NL Central teams.

1.  KC

2.  St Louis

3.  Pittsburgh

4.  Minnesota

5.  Angels

6.  Cubs

7.  Yankees

8.  Houston

9.  Detroit

10.  Dodgers

Devil is in the Details

First off the computer is of the opinion that the top two teams are far and above the rest of the league.  It adore every aspect of the Royals but downgrades the Cardinals because of limited offensive potential. In an oddity, Pittsburgh it has outside the top ten in both power and offense but near the very top in defense.  This was enough to put them at third when balanced with their record.  An illumination to our wagering purposes takes hold with the #9 team in the league, the Detroit Tigers.

Detroit is the only team with a sub.500 record going into Monday that is in the top ten.  Standard mathematical models are at a loss at how the Tigers are underperforming.  Can this be capitalized on?  Selective wagering against them will pay off with plenty of profit.  This is the value of consulting with computer models.  We see how a team is looked at as something they are not.  Now is the time to profit at this starting tonight.  7/20 Free Pick Fade is the Seattle Mariners -107 at the Tigers.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at HRWager.