Champions League Free Pick 12/9

Champions League action in the group stage is hardly ever as riveting as our free pick game will be on 12/9.  Chelsea and Porto are tied atop Group G with Dynamo Kiev two points back.  With a DK win against Tel Aviv highly probable, how will this effect both Chelsea and Porto in their game.  With both team’s Champion League’s future in flux, see how HRWager judges this one going in to give our readers the best chance of both entertainment and profit on a Wednesday afternoon.


Champions League Free Pick

A grandmaster draw would not put both into the knockout stage.  With the likelihood of Dyanmo winning, a three way tie would ensue atop the group.  If this were to happen then Porto falls by the wayside via tiebreaks.  Chelsea would advance with a draw.  Now if there is a winner then the loser most likely falls by the wayside.  Prompted by this, look for the Porto energy to be off the chart.  No one wants to go to the Europa League so look for dynamic play from Porto until they can get a lead.

Heart of the Matter

Chelsea can not be relied on to score goals.  They went bagel against Bournemouth and lost one to nil in EPL action last Saturday.  They are 14th in the standings and only three points above the relegation line.  Does Mourinho even have it in him to game plan something other than the same stodgy soccer?  The players are sick of it and worse will probably not be able to flick the switch if their coach gives them the thumbs up to do so.

The three way line is helter skelter and of little value with so many game scenarios that could be in flux.  Instead opt for the +1/2 on Porto.  They will be the aggressors and should at least get the draw even though they do not want that.  Chelsea might be able to hold the wall intact under the barrage of shots faced.  Good fortune in our Champions League Free Pick and we will see you later today here at the HRW.


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